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09/17/2007: The End
09/16/2007: Make a BB gun out of a mechanical pencil
09/15/2007: Guess which Republican candidate the troops support!
09/15/2007: Weekend read: The influence of "Atlas Shrugged"
09/13/2007: Roald Dahl's birthday/Revolting Rhymes
09/13/2007: The Sex Lives of Cannibals
09/12/2007: we have seen the enemy...
09/11/2007: Ron Paul in unexpected places
09/11/2007: VeriChip and Applied Digital stock prices fall -- thanks again, Katherine!
09/10/2007: Hardyville: The Deal with the Devil, Part XIII ("Challenging Fate")
09/10/2007: "Cancer chip" article hits the newswires -- thank you, Katherine!
09/07/2007: Hemp Guitar
09/06/2007: Chertoff says we're not sacrificing enough
09/06/2007: Cop who baked dog booked on a misdemeanor
09/05/2007: Christopher Hitchens on the Larry Craig sex scandal
09/04/2007: September 5, 1774: On this date in history ...
09/04/2007: Hardyville: The Deal with the Devil, Part XII ("Manhood")
09/02/2007: Hoarding and do-gooding (Pets Alive)
08/29/2007: Death of a Toyota
08/29/2007: 90 guns for every 100 Americans (etc.)
08/27/2007: Hardyville: The Deal with the Devil, Part XI ("Mortal Dangers")
08/25/2007: Ron Paul and the county fair
08/23/2007: Movie: The Lives of Others
08/22/2007: Uncommon common sense
08/20/2007: Hempfest "coverup" photo
08/20/2007: Hardyville: The Deal with the Devil, Part X ("Confrontations")
08/19/2007: Carpe Diem
08/18/2007: BANK RUN!
08/16/2007: Joel Simon's Songs of Bad Men and Good
08/14/2007: 101+ Things to Cook 'Til the Revolution
08/14/2007: Lessons from ancient Rome
08/13/2007: Hardyville: The Deal with the Devil, Part IX ("
08/13/2007: Four BHM blogs added to the blogroll
08/10/2007: Another example of how government uses fear
08/10/2007: NY Times notices Ron Paul
08/09/2007: Photo Essay of Gun Owners
08/09/2007: China shakes its big stick
08/07/2007: Ron Paul is doing even better than I thought
08/06/2007: Karen Kwiatkowski on flags, fear, and heroes
08/06/2007: Hardyville: The Deal with the Devil, Part VIII ("Just Desserts")
08/05/2007: Four worthy books
08/02/2007: "The Fear Factor" article by Ron Paul
08/02/2007: World Privacy Forum's 10 Most Important Opt-Outs
08/01/2007: TCF Cookbook
07/30/2007: Ron Paul and the tax-resisting Browns
07/30/2007: Hardyville: The Deal with the Devil, Part VII ("Crime and Punishment")
07/26/2007: Best gun buy-back EVAR
07/26/2007: Quote from "Crazy Time" (definition of sanity)
07/24/2007: owning what's mine
07/23/2007: Hardyville: The Deal with the Devil, Part VI ("Arbitration")
07/23/2007: Sequel to Walt's Gulch
07/21/2007: "The Stalker in Your Pocket"
07/20/2007: Possum babies
07/19/2007: "Deliberative Democracy" Dementia
07/18/2007: Margaret Peterson Haddix to be on Katherine Albrecht's radio show
07/16/2007: Hardyville: The Deal with the Devil, Part V ("Trials and Tribulations")
07/16/2007: Are the feds after Randy Weaver again?
07/13/2007: Encounter on a bus
07/09/2007: Nibbling nasturtiums
07/09/2007: Hardyville: The Deal with the Devil, Part IV ("Interruptions")
07/07/2007: Dave Gross's tax protest makes mainstream news
07/07/2007: Ron Paul a porker?
07/05/2007: "If I'm wrong I'm right ..."
07/02/2007: Hardyville: The Deal with the Devil, Part III ("Monkey-Fu, Too?")
06/29/2007: Partisans of Vilna/The Girl From The Forest
06/28/2007: Knitters' lore/dog tales
06/26/2007: Supreme Court further limits first amendment in "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" case
06/25/2007: Gilbert, AZ, SWAT team clears itself of wrongdoing
06/25/2007: Hardyville: The Deal with the Devil, Part II ("Justice")
06/24/2007: Overpriced Surplus
06/23/2007: Nifong's fall not a sign of justice working
06/23/2007: Real ID rebellion leads to new push for biometric SS cards
06/21/2007: Earning a living
06/19/2007: vanity plate fun
06/18/2007: Hardyville: The Deal with the Devil, Part I ("New Era")
06/18/2007: The same old same old question
06/15/2007: More people daring to utter the "A" (for abolition) word
06/13/2007: The Tsunami of Credit
06/12/2007: SSA wants to link to State Department data
06/12/2007: "Take Your Gun to Work Day" -- a tale of people and their police
06/11/2007: Hardyville: Under Siege, Part XI ("Encore")
06/11/2007: Uncivil Liberties, the movie
06/09/2007: The yurt becomes a lovely place to work
06/07/2007: Great Edward Abbey quote on self-governance
06/06/2007: FireGPG addendum
06/06/2007: Gmail on Firefox
06/06/2007: Signs of the times
06/05/2007: Sound hiring practices
06/05/2007: Hardyville 6/04/2007
06/02/2007: Government permission to work -- why care?
06/01/2007: Parts kits
05/29/2007: Hardyville: Under Siege, Part IX ("Showtime")
05/29/2007: Two free firearms-training DVDs
05/27/2007: TSA Inspection Targets, or "Why Am I Not Surprised?"
05/26/2007: New JPFO movie: "The Gang"
05/26/2007: Gangsters rampage through National Police Week
05/26/2007: Writers are very strange beasts ...
05/23/2007: Googlesnoops
05/22/2007: NY Times commits lèse majesté against "czars"
05/22/2007: Hardyville's first advertiser!
05/21/2007: New Hardyville 5/21/2007
05/19/2007: Your shredder may no longer be enough
05/19/2007: Two great movies of good and evil
05/19/2007: A Greater Depression coming?
05/15/2007: Hardyville: Under Siege, Part VI I("Between Word and Deed")
05/15/2007: Free-market solution: K9 corps at historic cemetery
05/15/2007: Rumors of my disappearance are (once again) premature
05/15/2007: booster seats
05/15/2007: Would I vote for Ron Paul?
05/09/2007: The world's greatest under-reported hyperinflation
05/09/2007: Real ID action - yesterday - May 8
05/08/2007: My political credo
05/08/2007: Shooting the dog -- and the Fourth Amendment
05/07/2007: Hardyville: Under Siege, Part VI ("Minutemen")
05/05/2007: One politician who is different
05/03/2007: LEAP on Kathryn Johnston and the drug war
05/03/2007: Help the Brady campaign ;-)
05/02/2007: Advertise in Hardyville -- RATES HAVE DROPPED
05/02/2007: Reflections on the corrosiveness of corrupt cops
05/02/2007: Freedom is free
05/01/2007: Fourth anniversary of "Mission Accomplished"
05/01/2007: The real story behind the Kathryn Johnston murder finally comes out
04/30/2007: Hardyville: Under Siege, Part V ("Beneath the Wheel")
04/29/2007: Trade for sustainable freedom
04/26/2007: Recent movie based on "Point of Impact"
04/25/2007: The power of the "little people"
04/24/2007: Dogs and Love
04/23/2007: Pro-gun from the left
04/23/2007: Hardyville: Under Siege, Part IV ("Big Men")
04/19/2007: Last call for AK mags
04/18/2007: Reports of My Death are (Mildly) Exaggerated
04/17/2007: Hardyville: Under Siege, Part III ("Hardy County Discovery")
04/17/2007: Mickey Creekmore: The Secret Garden
04/12/2007: An inconvenient life
04/09/2007: Hardyville: Under Siege, Part II ("A Fight")
04/09/2007: California taxes pot
04/08/2007: Pro-Freedom or Anti-Gov?
04/07/2007: Bovard: What Americans can learn from Hungarians on resistance
04/06/2007: April greeting from my vet
04/05/2007: Dog days, blog days
04/04/2007: The right to resist police
04/03/2007: Census Bureau gave specific names and addresses for Japanese internment
04/02/2007: Nazgul declare that breathing is pollution
04/02/2007: Hardyville: Under Siege, Part I ("The Mysterious Driveway")
04/02/2007: WASR-2 Deal
03/30/2007: 5 days in England
03/29/2007: IT'S NOT A CONSPIRACY!
03/28/2007: Absinthe: The Other Green Goddess
03/27/2007: JPFO Second-Amendment poll
03/26/2007: Making money off fascism
03/26/2007: Hardyville: Monkey-Fu, Part X ("Outside Chances")
03/24/2007: Liberality -- Sweet Merciful Crap
03/24/2007: "ScholarChip" -- start the control when they're too young to object
03/24/2007: "Enhanced" driver's licenses and freedom to cross borders
03/22/2007: Warriors on speed
03/20/2007: You need this in your bug-out bag
03/19/2007: Hardyville: Monkey-Fu, Part IX ("Shock")
03/19/2007: Lawyer in D.C. Second Amendment victory more interesting than the case
03/19/2007: MSM finally notices "mistakes were made"
03/19/2007: Mathemeticians on speed
03/18/2007: A business opportunity in Ancapistan: Maids on Speed
03/17/2007: The Wind that Shakes the Barley
03/16/2007: Joseph Galloway on the U.S. Army scraping bottom
03/15/2007: Latest setback for Angel Raich -- deadly madness of the war on drugs
03/15/2007: Operation Kidsafe SafeStart Event! (Gag!)
03/15/2007: The strange confession of Kahlid Sheikh Mohammed
03/14/2007: Photocopiers the new ID-theft risk
03/14/2007: Wendy McElroy on the transaction costs of life (and border crossings)
03/13/2007: Mayan priests cleanse temple after GWB's demonic visit
03/13/2007: SWAT celebrity TV show raids wrong house
03/12/2007: Haliburton moving to Dubai
03/12/2007: Hardyville: Monkey-Fu, Part VIII ("What Goes Around ...")
03/11/2007: Ballistics "expert" kills self after being exposed as phony
03/10/2007: Can America Be Saved from Stupid People -- New book by Dave Duffy
03/09/2007: The Trouble with Tasers
03/09/2007: Hans Hummel of Hi Mountain responds to my product queries
03/08/2007: Hi Mountain jerky seasonings -- good stuff, good people
03/08/2007: The truth about political drugs
03/07/2007: Uh oh. Congress wants to close another "loophole"
03/07/2007: The risks of third-party data storage
03/06/2007: FG-42
03/06/2007: The mentality of a torturer
03/06/2007: Romance from the man's perspective (Scott Adams)
03/05/2007: Oregon community reins in its police for minor infractions
03/05/2007: Hardyville: Monkey-Fu, Part VII ("Awakenings")
03/05/2007: World's biggest hedge fund
03/05/2007: The BBC looks at global warming
03/04/2007: Closing the "tax gap" (ha ha)
03/03/2007: Swiss invade Liechtenstein!
03/02/2007: Mooninites "bomb" poster
03/02/2007: Postal service removes clocks
03/01/2007: Boston Bomb Squad: We put the error in terror
03/01/2007: Around-the-house (or office) RFID spy devices
02/27/2007: Fashion advice for dining with Neocons
02/27/2007: Airport confiscations pay benefits to the state
02/27/2007: Video of RebelFire's "Justice Day"
02/26/2007: Al Gore's energy consumption hypocrisy
02/26/2007: Hardyville: Monkey-Fu, Part VI ("Sex and Motherhood")
02/25/2007: Bovard on the consequences of a Bushevik attack on Iran
02/25/2007: Surprise! (Not.) Welfare state growing despite "reform"
02/24/2007: Wound care: an emergency-room doctor's perspective
02/23/2007: Childhood imagination: The latest deadly safety threat ;-)
02/23/2007: Requiem for Jim Zumbo
02/22/2007: You thought medical records were private?
02/21/2007: Dear Asteroid ...
02/21/2007: More on BofA SSN-less credit card
02/20/2007: Jim Zumbo: Companies doing the right thing
02/19/2007: Medical Technology Rocks!
02/19/2007: Hardyville: Monkey-Fu, Part V ("Arrested Development")
02/19/2007: New libertarian kids' book: The Walton Street Tycoons
02/18/2007: New truck rifle
02/17/2007: Daniel Castillo, age 17, SWAT victim
02/17/2007: Iraq War pre-planning slide show provides plenty of laughs
02/16/2007: Italy indicts 26 Americans
02/16/2007: Children's books and liberty
02/16/2007: Citizen self-help
02/15/2007: Shoveling snow against the tide
02/14/2007: Misc. news and views
02/13/2007: Bank of America to offer SSN-less credit card
02/12/2007: Hardyville: Monkey-Fu, Part IV ("Wheels and Webs")
02/11/2007: Frosty the rescue dog/"I'm from the government and ..."
02/11/2007: Global Warming
02/10/2007: Celata civil forfeiture case dismissed
02/10/2007: Charges may be brought against the killers of Kathryn Johnston
02/09/2007: The Noob's Got a New Mommy and Daddy
02/09/2007: Agorist class theory (re: yesterday's post re Ups and Downs)
02/08/2007: Snow Man by Carolyn Chute/"up or down" of society
02/08/2007: New definition of a federal crime
02/08/2007: Cryptome posts IP blocks used in fed-snooping
02/07/2007: Keith Urban sues Keith Urban
02/07/2007: Secret iris scanning on the horizon
02/07/2007: Feds ship $4 billion cash to Iraq
02/06/2007: We're from the Government
02/06/2007: Vast expansion of DNA collecting
02/06/2007: Ouch!
02/05/2007: Rational Review News soon to be back online
02/05/2007: SuperBowl TV commercials
02/05/2007: Hardyville: Monkey-Fu, Part III ("Tactics")
02/04/2007: Bovard: Conversation on a plane
02/04/2007: Being our own heroes
02/03/2007: Bush budget increases for war bigger than Kennedy's entire federal budget
02/03/2007: I come from a large family
02/02/2007: Declan McCullagh on Boston's "infernal machine" terrorism idiocy
02/02/2007: Texas becomes first state to require schoolgirls to be injected with Gardasil
02/02/2007: Bruce Schneier on the costs and benefits of Real ID
02/01/2007: Forums down/Celata to court tomorrow
02/01/2007: Iron curtain America
02/01/2007: Molly Ivins is dead
01/31/2007: A great use of the web
01/30/2007: Charles I: A lesson from history
01/30/2007: How do you spell "Iraq"?
01/30/2007: Clients of Guananamo lawyers stand up for liberty and due process
01/29/2007: This is just weird
01/29/2007: Hardyville: Monkey-Fu Part II
01/29/2007: Wolfesblog's new favicon
01/29/2007: Man cancels trip to space: Thanks, Mr. Taxman
01/28/2007: Bovard at the big anti-war demonstration
01/28/2007: On not leaving the country
01/27/2007: Another victim
01/25/2007: I have seen the future, and it scares me.
01/25/2007: New website for getting Microsoft out of your life
01/23/2007: Children. And men. And small town cops.
01/23/2007: Passports now required where none were before
01/22/2007: If Cannabis were legal...
01/22/2007: Hardyville: Monkey-Fu Part I
01/22/2007: Dog people are healthier
01/21/2007: Quote from The Secret of Santa Vittoria
01/19/2007: The joy of a Friday without a crisis
01/19/2007: Congress wants to jail its critics
01/19/2007: Cory Maye Justice Fund now has PayPal
01/18/2007: Cory Maye's Justice Fund -- balance $0
01/17/2007: Only too human
01/17/2007: Story of a Guantanamo "detainee" and his lawyer
01/16/2007: Nice news from the dogosphere
01/16/2007: Police steal Mercedes?
01/16/2007: Is the Bush administration driven by pure vindictiveness?
01/15/2007: Fedgov says no spychips in those coins after all
01/15/2007: Hardyville: The Coup, Part IX (end of series)
01/15/2007: Freedom doesn't always equal independence
01/13/2007: Iconic developments of the police state
01/13/2007: Wolfesblog links
01/13/2007: Exploding parking meters
01/13/2007: Matt Bandy: How anyone can be abused by a "justice system" gone mad
01/12/2007: Fincher case to go to jury with no defense?
01/12/2007: Fourth week on foot -- the things that matter
01/10/2007: Spychips in some Canadian coins
01/10/2007: Disarming the police
01/10/2007: Fincher will be allowed to argue Second Amendment
01/09/2007: More on cops terrorizing their alleged masters
01/08/2007: Respected scholar abused by cops -- for jaywalking!
01/08/2007: Beautiful new Wolfesblog bookstore
01/08/2007: Hardyville: The Coup, Part IIX
01/07/2007: Non-fiction: Police as burglars
01/07/2007: The intriguing challenge of boredom
01/05/2007: Miscellaneous musings
01/04/2007: Bush claims authority to open mail without a warrant
01/04/2007: God's vacation plan
01/04/2007: Catnip bust
01/03/2007: New Years Postdictions from Radley Balko
01/02/2007: The SIGO card: new pre-filled card option
01/02/2007: Wisconsin taxers put SSNs on mailing labels
01/01/2007: Cover vs Concealment video
01/01/2007: Hardyville: The Coup, Part VII
12/31/2006: Year of silence -- observations on foot -- Internet addiction
12/30/2006: Fix is in on Wayne Fincher
12/30/2006: Depressing news, new and old
12/29/2006: Celata case in the news
12/28/2006: Penguinsscareme: New blogista joins Wolfesblog
12/28/2006: First Entry
12/28/2006: Ted Rall: Bush plan for winning in Iraq
12/27/2006: Test report: Maglight
12/24/2006: Baby born in stable; parents held
12/24/2006: "Motorists switch satnav on, brain off"
12/22/2006: Solstice traditions
12/22/2006: First truckless week
12/21/2006: Secessionists, right, left, and otherwise, find common ground
12/21/2006: "No, no, no!" to Bush's doubling down in Iraq
12/21/2006: "Espresso": An ATM for books
12/20/2006: Scorn from the polity
12/20/2006: Chief Tecumseh on living well
12/20/2006: More on "detain and torture" culture
12/19/2006: Torture is destroying the nation's soul
12/19/2006: Vehicle-less experiment begins
12/19/2006: Bob Barr: "Libertarian" drug warrior
12/17/2006: Sketches of a little boy
12/16/2006: Notice for 2AM newsgroup subscribers
12/16/2006: Sturm, drang, and technological folly
12/16/2006: Wendy McElroy on the latest Internet "for the children" BS
12/15/2006: Who needs a president?
12/15/2006: Bob Barr on the Libertarian Party national committee???
12/15/2006: Hardyville: The Coup, Part VI
12/14/2006: Ignorance in the highest places
12/14/2006: ICE "disappears" legal immigrants, too
12/13/2006: Project crash/thoughts on friendship
12/13/2006: NY Times on NAIS
12/12/2006: e-gold spreads its legs for the feds
12/12/2006: New book on the urban underground economy
12/12/2006: "Frivolous filing" penalty to increase/the state of the injustice system
12/11/2006: Faster thinking = better mood?
12/11/2006: Drug war madness: Picture worth 10,000 words
12/09/2006: Kathryn Johnston case just gets stranger
12/09/2006: "Compliance is not freedom"
12/08/2006: Best Buy work schedule
12/07/2006: RFID Guardian
12/07/2006: In praise of "desk rage"
12/07/2006: "Closing the Collapse Gap"
12/07/2006: Another visit to the cannabis grow
12/05/2006: Medical sticker shock/dependency culture
12/05/2006: Guns n' Gold, Part II
12/05/2006: Money matters -- donations and BHM ads
12/04/2006: Celata case update
12/04/2006: Inflation is 10%
12/03/2006: Shorty Dawkins visits Hardyville
12/03/2006: Yet another secret government spying operation
12/02/2006: Hardyville: The Coup, Part V (and an exciting new development)
12/01/2006: Robbie the hero?
12/01/2006: RFID Shield for protecting e-passports and smart cards
11/30/2006: More lies and liars in the Kathryn Johnston case
11/30/2006: DullHawk "Time's Up" flag now available
11/29/2006: Encouraging signs against the paramilitary police state
11/28/2006: Calendars with freedom quotes and haunting photos
11/26/2006: Surplus ammo situation
11/24/2006: All men are child molesters, say the airlines
11/24/2006: E-Passport: Doorway to the Panopticon, Part V
11/23/2006: Thanksgiving gratitude without opposable thumbs
11/23/2006: E-Passport: Doorway to the Panopticon, Part IV
11/23/2006: Will GRigg on the UCLA Taser brutality (and other matters)
11/22/2006: E-Passport: Doorway to the Panopticon, Part III
11/21/2006: "Undermining the Constitution: A History of Lawless Goverment"
11/21/2006: E-Passport: Doorway to the Panopticon, Part II
11/20/2006: E-Passport: Doorway to the Panopticon, Part I
11/18/2006: Freecycle
11/17/2006: The allegiance of governments is to government
11/16/2006: Paid in Gold
11/16/2006: Student tasered for refusing to show ID to police
11/16/2006: Milton Friedman is dead
11/15/2006: Hardyville: The Coup, Part IV
11/14/2006: Stuart Kings and George W. Bush
11/13/2006: Fantasy Congress
11/11/2006: "Guns the government doesn't like" -- and the latest ATF BS
11/10/2006: Tuesday's vote a landslide (but not for the obvious reasons)
11/10/2006: Security through ironclad ID
11/09/2006: KTO coffee-mug auction
11/09/2006: Post-election thoughts
11/08/2006: "Mission accomplished"
11/08/2006: About those "No Entry" window clings
11/08/2006: Still a political junkie/Jim Webb
11/06/2006: If I were a god ...
11/06/2006: WildBlue and the gods' sense of humor
11/05/2006: Of robbers and rulers
11/05/2006: Book Review: Home Work
11/05/2006: "Remember, remember"
11/03/2006: U.S. is 53rd in freedom of the press
11/02/2006: US privacy ranking
11/02/2006: Hardyville is out!
11/01/2006: "The Immoral Majority" and the 2006 elections
11/01/2006: "He voted for torture" signs
11/01/2006: Answering the Dread
10/31/2006: Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) on "fair" elections
10/31/2006: The Dread
10/31/2006: "Why do you carry a gun?"
10/27/2006: Ultimate DIY gun project
10/27/2006: Another leftist gets it
10/25/2006: "George Bush is our fate"
10/24/2006: Lauren Canario is a very brave woman
10/23/2006: Researchers discover that spychipped credit cards are vulnerable
10/23/2006: Good People
10/23/2006: Black marketeers moving to the euro
10/21/2006: SKS pouches for the Garand
10/21/2006: Newsweek poll on the elections
10/21/2006: Foley scandal: What a headline
10/20/2006: A brother's statement for Pat Tillman's birthday
10/20/2006: Bush stumps for a battering philanderer and a racist
10/20/2006: Quote for the day
10/19/2006: Peace, Security, and Freedom!
10/19/2006: Surrender at Yorktown/surrender of America
10/19/2006: Sad commentary on the death of the republic
10/18/2006: Habeas Corpus, RIP
10/18/2006: Hey, get out there and v*ote in the Hardyville Film Fest
10/18/2006: Civilized and without Clue
10/16/2006: DHS proposes "permission to travel"/I watch United 93
10/15/2006: Portrait of a young lady
10/15/2006: Hardyville: The Coup, Part II
10/14/2006: The Recession will start after the election
10/14/2006: Another law ignored
10/14/2006: Knife-making workshop
10/12/2006: Gunshow Swap
10/12/2006: Forget the rule of law
10/10/2006: Yammerheads
10/09/2006: Poor North Korea -- No One Cares
10/09/2006: A small collection of good reads (and a little bad news)
10/09/2006: Skidboot
10/06/2006: Is the no-fly list now in non-government hands?
10/05/2006: New book recommendations in the Wolfesblog aStore
10/05/2006: Quick thought on prepardness
10/05/2006: The GOP and the Marquis de Sade
10/04/2006: Windows Vista nags
10/04/2006: Wash Post uses obit to mock and smear Rep. Helen Chenoweth
10/03/2006: Comic relief: Foley and the rest of Congress
10/02/2006: Why don't those movie-watching feddies get it?
10/01/2006: The Mark Foley scandal -- those wacky Republicans
10/01/2006: Hardyville: The Coup, Part I
10/01/2006: Asset forfeiture laws, this week's new tyrannies, and art therapy
09/30/2006: China has a trillion dollars
09/29/2006: U.S. should be shunned by other nations
09/28/2006: New Wolfesblog aStore
09/27/2006: Bigots with badges
09/26/2006: Serenity Comics Auction
09/25/2006: Bovard on the Senate torture deal
09/25/2006: Bushisms
09/24/2006: Personal Helicopter
09/24/2006: Senate deal on torture is evil
09/24/2006: Howard Ruff says to buy gold and silver
09/23/2006: Russell Kanning interview
09/22/2006: Jim Bovard on America's torture czar, John Yoo
09/22/2006: "All the King's Men" (the good version)
09/21/2006: An ounce of good news from the drug war
09/21/2006: Apples and freedom on a summer day
09/20/2006: Response to my rant re the relative violence of Christians and Muslims
09/18/2006: I don't get it (religion, violence, and logic)
09/18/2006: Garrison Keillor gets it right on several counts
09/17/2006: Comic relief for Constitution Day
09/17/2006: Liberty Dollar Irks Mint
09/15/2006: 2006 Hardyville Film Festival
09/15/2006: Dogs Deserve Better: Save a life, get arrested
09/14/2006: Colin Powell and a small revolt against the Busheviks
09/13/2006: Journalist Greg Palast in hot oil with Homeland (Achtung!) Security
09/13/2006: The Hunt for Confederate Gold -- Cool book!
09/12/2006: Will Grigg on "Why Our Rulers Hate America"
09/11/2006: Some good cheer on a bad day
09/11/2006: Bush's kill toll larger than the 9-11 toll
09/08/2006: DEA heroes saving us from ditchweed
09/07/2006: The online cannabis community
09/06/2006: Make your "deadly" dog more politically correct
09/06/2006: New novel: The Hunt for Confederate Gold
09/03/2006: &^%$#@ing civic jingoism
09/03/2006: That neurotic beast, the writer (aka starting a new book project)
09/03/2006: Katrina Cottages from Lowe's: A small-house option
09/03/2006: Ernesto, Fire, and the Stinky Slinky
09/01/2006: Hardyville: Return to Hardyville
09/01/2006: What Sustainable Freedom is (and isn't)
09/01/2006: Celata possessions now officially stolen by fedgov
08/31/2006: Renee Boje is free
08/31/2006: The pettiness of the control state
08/28/2006: Hard Times Coming
08/28/2006: :-) :-) "Free screen cleaners" :-) :-)
08/28/2006: USDA sky-spy program
08/27/2006: Bovard: "Modest Proposal: Waterboard Congress"
08/27/2006: Department of Education SWAT raid?
08/25/2006: So this is the thinking behind the gutting of the Libertarian Party
08/24/2006: Heads Up on TCF: HTTPS encryption won't protect your privacy
08/23/2006: Heads up on TCF
08/23/2006: Obscure Freedom Fighters: Danie Theron
08/22/2006: Downsizing
08/21/2006: Musings on cosmic ripples
08/18/2006: I tour a cannabis growing operation
08/18/2006: Remembering Jasmine
08/18/2006: Tempus Fugit not all I'd hoped
08/17/2006: A rare federal court ruling that acknowledges the Bill of Rights exists
08/17/2006: Being part of things (and musings on cannabis)
08/15/2006: Hardyville: Sustainable Freedom -- Shifting the World
08/15/2006: Writings from Paradise
08/15/2006: The future for you happy flyers
08/13/2006: Israel-Hezbollah war is a practice run for U.S.-Iran war, God forbid
08/09/2006: The Datsun Project Report #4 (Time for a mechanic)
08/08/2006: Rational Review seeking subscribers
08/08/2006: "Tempus Fugit": a novel by Lawrence Lee Rowe, Jr.
08/07/2006: Outlaw bikers/finding common ground
08/06/2006: The deterioration of GWB
08/06/2006: "You aren't doing enough"
08/04/2006: Jelly Success
08/03/2006: Shopping at CostCo
08/03/2006: Making Cactus Jelly
08/03/2006: Census workers to find and tag gulches
08/02/2006: The resistance of Rose Wilder Lane
08/01/2006: Front Sight certificate auctions for the Celata family
08/01/2006: Those tech-geniuses in Congress are at it again
08/01/2006: Hardyville: Sustainable Freedom (paradigms)
07/31/2006: FIVE flag auctions -- fundraisers for Richard Celata
07/31/2006: An inspirational homesteading story
07/31/2006: Mass murder is a-okay, says the state
07/30/2006: Gun nuts are all the same
07/30/2006: And now for something a little different
07/27/2006: Get in on an order of the DullHawk flag
07/27/2006: Fake identity generator
07/27/2006: Plan for canine world domination
07/27/2006: Camera neutralizer
07/26/2006: "Gadsden Girl" goes for $305
07/26/2006: Today's Big Giggle: The 1932 Democrat Party platform
07/26/2006: Tickets available for America: From Freedom to Fascism
07/26/2006: In good company
07/26/2006: Last hours to bid on "Gadsden Girl" and Bill Kipp fundraising auctions
07/24/2006: Bushie-Poo
07/24/2006: Blackwater USA and the militarization of America
07/24/2006: The sorrow of Lebanon
07/23/2006: Recumbent trike: My alternative transportation
07/21/2006: eBay auctions for Celata family
07/21/2006: Bovard on the Busheviks' "terrorist" batting average
07/20/2006: The "Macumba Hacker" on Linux and W*****s
07/20/2006: Bovard on "conservative" state worship
07/19/2006: Third Celata fundraising auction: Bill Kipp self-defense book and DVD
07/19/2006: "Gadsden Girl" -- Second ebay auction for the Celata family
07/19/2006: Investigative reporting & being one link in the chain
07/19/2006: Last day for Celata fundraising auction (JPFO items)
07/19/2006: Procrastinators of the world, unite
07/18/2006: Back to full-time connectedness; not happy
07/15/2006: Hardyville: Sustainable Freedom (the dilemma)
07/13/2006: Celata fundraising auction #1 is LIVE
07/12/2006: Raising funds (and fun) to help KT Ordnance beat the BATFE
07/11/2006: Once again: Government ID helps killers
07/10/2006: "On my coming expatriation"
07/09/2006: Do real terrorists plot in chat rooms
07/09/2006: Summery picture
07/09/2006: Happenings to remember
07/06/2006: Portrait of Gina
07/06/2006: Rick Celata's "subversive" materials
07/06/2006: More on Jeff Bezos' space plans
07/05/2006: Outlaw encouragement on Independence Day
07/03/2006: Arrested for wearing a tee-shirt
07/03/2006: New books in Wolfesblog's Amazon store
06/30/2006: Shadowcrew: Hm. Sure were light sentences
06/30/2006: Hardyville: The Quality of a Free Man
06/30/2006: Hippies threaten Bushevik security
06/30/2006: Shadowcrew co-founder sentenced
06/28/2006: Email ooops
06/27/2006: Pyramids of Debt
06/27/2006: Billionaires make space fun again
06/26/2006: "Getting Ahead of the Pack"
06/26/2006: Quitting government
06/26/2006: Kelo and the "Lost Liberty Airport"
06/24/2006: Living Free while being watched
06/23/2006: V for Vendetta DVD pre-orders
06/23/2006: Grasshopper answers Ant
06/22/2006: Why do we pay taxes?
06/21/2006: Quotes from "Doctor Zhivago"
06/21/2006: Midway through the year of silence
06/21/2006: Visiting the Left
06/19/2006: Thought on today and the future
06/19/2006: The Venezualan monkeywrench
06/19/2006: Dream messages in the year of silence
06/17/2006: Reefer Madness for Guns
06/16/2006: Superheroes and privacy
06/16/2006: Hardyville: Grasshopper Was No Fool
06/16/2006: Supremes like no-knock raids
06/16/2006: "Siamese Dogs" (another Claire art toddler step)
06/14/2006: #1 Cause of death in America? -- none of the usual suspects
06/14/2006: Gadsden flag day
06/14/2006: Jim Bovard sticks it to the NSA
06/10/2006: Training with the Shotgun for Home Defense
06/09/2006: The "Tony Soprano business plan" for the Internet
06/09/2006: Leaving JPFO
06/09/2006: KT Ordnance raided by BATFE
06/08/2006: The paranoids are usually right
06/05/2006: Dogs in the Sunshine -- another toddler step in art
06/05/2006: I wrap up "The Artist's Way" program
06/02/2006: Of *course* they do...
06/02/2006: Great sticker
06/02/2006: Baby steps in artwork
06/01/2006: Gold is down. What, me worry?
06/01/2006: Sex Advice from Claire
06/01/2006: Tiny Temptations to Tyranny
05/31/2006: Levi Strauss adds RFID to jeans
05/31/2006: The madness of the National Animal Identification System
05/29/2006: Silver's NSA post today
05/29/2006: Common sense on opiate addiction
05/29/2006: What is the REAL reason for NSA spying?
05/26/2006: Angel Shamaya selling his guns to pay legal fees
05/26/2006: Jim Bovard, terrorist
05/26/2006: V for Vendetta DVD release August 1
05/24/2006: No point in political freedom
05/24/2006: Who's responsible for stolen records
05/24/2006: Discussion on the Supreme's new expansion of "emergency"
05/22/2006: Government and a permanent state of righteous anger
05/19/2006: Friday May 19 Strike-the-Root edited by Taran Jordan (aka Lightning)
05/19/2006: Hayden, Fourth Amendment, and the last shreds of our freedom
05/19/2006: Beware: You may be a racist!
05/15/2006: Thunder's right: It is much worse than you realize.
05/15/2006: Utah SWAT raid motivated by desire to steal property
05/15/2006: Congress doesn't like competition on misuse of SSNs
05/15/2006: Hardyville vs. Illegal Aliens
05/15/2006: 2nd TCF Combat Rifle Postal Match results
05/12/2006: Impact of NSA spying on telephone users larger than you think
05/12/2006: Gardening, trail-building, and being a good carrier (again)
05/11/2006: The government has your phone records -- but no warrant or subpoena
05/10/2006: Gold gold gold gold gold
05/08/2006: Vehicle monkeywrenches
05/08/2006: Paladin makes its acquisition of Loompanics titles official
05/08/2006: "Secure" RFID ... suuuure.
05/05/2006: Who owns your computer
05/04/2006: Sliming demonstrators
05/04/2006: Mexico backs off on drug legalization
05/03/2006: Mexico to "go sane" on possession of recreational drugs
05/03/2006: Great quote
05/03/2006: Hacking national ID
05/03/2006: I give sex advice
05/01/2006: Hardyville: Watching the trees grow
04/28/2006: Forums temporarily down
04/27/2006: Every Breath Bernanke Takes - The Poorer We Get
04/26/2006: Bush's War on Democracy, here and abroad
04/26/2006: National ID just isn't "good" enough
04/24/2006: I enter the Mordechai Anielewicz Memorial Rifle Match
04/24/2006: New Hampshire knocks Real ID
04/21/2006: RFID hitting trouble -- LOL!
04/20/2006: An armed society is a ...
04/20/2006: Dog love survives accident
04/19/2006: TCF Rifle Match Reminder
04/17/2006: Aaron Russon needs help to distribute and publicize his new film
04/17/2006: Risky baby steps for creativity (and freedom)
04/16/2006: Good sense on health insurance
04/15/2006: Mourning in Hardyville
04/15/2006: We're all being wiretapped
04/14/2006: "Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms should be a convenience store"
04/14/2006: Report from the Desert Hermitage/BioLet NE
04/13/2006: One more thing only the feds are privileged to do
04/13/2006: Joss Whedon first to HD DVD
04/12/2006: Tourists shun US
04/09/2006: V for Vendetta box office
04/09/2006: Angel Shamaya is free
04/07/2006: Breast groping and knitting-needle removal just isn't enough
04/07/2006: Will the Supremes curb SWAT abuses?
04/06/2006: Secure Internet Phone?
04/05/2006: Simplicity and prosperity: Observations while on the road
04/05/2006: Laws by Wiki
04/05/2006: Mandatory health insurance in Massachusetts
04/05/2006: RFID lesson plan for kiddies
04/03/2006: Bruce Schneier announces the Movie-Plot Threat Contest
04/01/2006: Performance of the Real IRA
04/01/2006: April Hardyville Column -- Greed, Envy, and Other-People's-Business Minding
03/31/2006: Fear of freedom
03/31/2006: Liars in another war
03/31/2006: Another victim of the drug war
03/29/2006: Mutant bike Outlaws
03/29/2006: Feds sneak nuclear materials across border
03/29/2006: Another threat to privacy
03/27/2006: V for Vendetta
03/24/2006: Bovard on the U.S. "Cheney of Command"
03/24/2006: Madeleine Pelner Cosman obit in the New York Times
03/24/2006: ATF art
03/24/2006: Me and politicians with fuzzy heads
03/22/2006: Encryption for your mobile text messaging
03/22/2006: Are you a terrorist?
03/21/2006: Government Statistics Lie
03/21/2006: 2nd TCF Combat Rifle Postal Match
03/20/2006: "Patriot Act: The Home Version"
03/20/2006: LIbertarian "V for Vendetta" reviews
03/15/2006: GPG Security Alert
03/15/2006: Hardyville: How the town fell off the map
03/13/2006: Negative reviews: V for Vendetta
03/13/2006: Here's an idea for a novel or a screenplay
03/12/2006: Furious assault on business
03/11/2006: Privacy is dead
03/10/2006: Backyard Ballistics
03/10/2006: The Artist's Way -- no reading for a week
03/09/2006: The other shoe drops on national ID
03/09/2006: Jim Bovard reviews State of War
03/09/2006: Mogambo Guru quotes me :-)
03/09/2006: Madeleine Cosman dies
03/08/2006: Life is a controlled accident
03/08/2006: Writer accesses his own FBI file
03/08/2006: Another Wolfesblog reader discovers the Hog Trough
03/06/2006: Angel Shamaya SWATted
03/06/2006: The Hog Trough
03/01/2006: Paladin Press picks up my Loompanics titles
03/01/2006: Hardyville: Reducing debt "One Big Target" at a time
02/28/2006: The latest "advance" in RFID tagging of humans
02/28/2006: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
02/27/2006: Steve Kubby update
02/27/2006: Elders Wisdom Circle
02/27/2006: White Rose and "secret speech": two important anniversaries
02/27/2006: Insights about insights (another report from my Year of Silence)
02/25/2006: The Datsun Project Report #3 (Tires, brakes, air filter, and coolant)
02/25/2006: Open a REAL IRA
02/22/2006: NPR, PGP, Thunderbird, Enigmail
02/22/2006: "We're losing at the government game" (Jim Bovard)
02/19/2006: The Datsun Project: Report #2 (What needs to do done)
02/16/2006: RFID implants for "love"
02/15/2006: Book: Down with Big Brother
02/15/2006: Hardyville: Dealing with Debt, Part I
02/13/2006: Back from the meditation workshop
02/13/2006: Mad cow, again
02/13/2006: The Datsun Project: Report #1 (Why a Datsun)
02/11/2006: Breathing new life into and old truck
02/10/2006: Netflix "Throttling"
02/05/2006: Lost Liberty Hotel blocked
02/03/2006: New Hardyville Column
02/01/2006: Fiat fiat currency
01/31/2006: Matt Welch tears his new employer a new one
01/30/2006: Biometric passport cracked
01/30/2006: A TCFer makes the TSA "no-fly" list
01/27/2006: Court cases: Sad loss, hopeful win
01/26/2006: Latest report from my year of silence
01/26/2006: Ironies in the Hamas win
01/26/2006: Bank refuses to loan for "Kelo" type projects
01/23/2006: VeriChip hacked!
01/22/2006: Murder ain't so bad as long as you're in uniform
01/20/2006: Deportation for Kubby
01/20/2006: "Bark" is gone. Friendship remains
01/19/2006: Al Gore is right, for once.
01/18/2006: Assisted suicide v. Raich
01/18/2006: Thinking about Loompanics going out of business
01/16/2006: Finding inspiration and redemption in lies
01/16/2006: Anonym.OS
01/16/2006: Aaron Russo documentary to premier soon
01/16/2006: Hardyville courts prosperity (reluctantly)
01/16/2006: Loompanics going out of business?
01/12/2006: Genius and schooling
01/09/2006: Federal crime to "annoy" somebody
01/09/2006: I actually agree with Newt Gingrich!
01/09/2006: The purpose of silent retreat
01/07/2006: My Lai hero passes away
01/03/2006: 10 worst Americans -- who can say?
01/03/2006: Bovard's Attention Deficit Democracy is published
01/01/2006: Sunday new year thoughts/silent meditation
12/28/2005: Blogging from the heart is hard
12/28/2005: Send in your copies of 1984
12/23/2005: My year of silence -- First report
12/23/2005: Special after-auction thanks
12/23/2005: A good citizen reports a terrorist threat
12/23/2005: "The Night Before Christmas in Montana" by Ben Irvin
12/22/2005: Another Freedom Lost
12/21/2005: "The Woman Who Hitchhiked with Cats"
12/21/2005: Happy birthday Kirsten
12/21/2005: My year of silence -- but not disappearance!
12/21/2005: Concert-goers fight back
12/21/2005: Citizen snoops get access to law enforcement database
12/20/2005: "Busted" on DVD
12/20/2005: What is torture?
12/19/2005: Jim Bovard joins the blogosphere
12/19/2005: A letter from a Mole
12/19/2005: Democrats and our guns
12/18/2005: Space X launch
12/17/2005: More graves for the democide count
12/16/2005: Patriot Act renewal stalled by filibuster
12/16/2005: On Being "Made"
12/16/2005: A small collection of news
12/16/2005: A memory about sex, identity, and stupid ideas we love to live with
12/15/2005: The fedgov to subsidize the war on prostitution/Happy Bill of Rights Day
12/15/2005: Astonishing auction
12/15/2005: O Little Town of Hardyville
12/15/2005: Air marshals in bus depots
12/14/2005: Fundraising auction to help pay for Bark's medicines
12/14/2005: Gold is still cheap
12/14/2005: How reliable is a "reliable informant" -- or his handler?
12/14/2005: When enforcers crash in
12/14/2005: Latest summary and corrections on the Cory Maye case
12/14/2005: Vermont secession
12/13/2005: See Radley Balko on Cory Maye
12/13/2005: Billy Beck corrects my blog entry on the Cory Maye travesty
12/13/2005: Life changes/screw government
12/13/2005: First reviews of V for Vendetta
12/13/2005: New on the blogroll: A Day in the Life of Fred
12/12/2005: Cory Maye should not die
12/12/2005: How a resistance movement grows
12/11/2005: Closing the barn door after the horse has escaped
12/11/2005: Tony Blair tells exactly why government keeps growing
12/10/2005: Introducing The Webzine
12/10/2005: Bradford and Liberty
12/09/2005: The Constitution is just a piece of paper
12/09/2005: An Outlaw has passed
12/09/2005: UDOT blasting a cannon
12/08/2005: Federal charges dropped against Deb Davis
12/08/2005: John Gilmore goes to court today
12/07/2005: Differences do not equal condemnation
12/07/2005: Sami Al-Arian acquitted of most charges
12/07/2005: Long-range shooting simulator for your computer
12/07/2005: WWJD? -- What would Jeremy do?
12/07/2005: Katherine Albrecht interviewed in Mother Jones
12/06/2005: "ride in humiliation"
12/06/2005: Politically correct Christmas song
12/05/2005: Tracking all your driving
12/05/2005: JPFO's "Boot the BATFE" tee-shirt
12/05/2005: "Mistakes get made" by experts while ordinary people are held responsible
12/04/2005: Racism? Just Statism. Disarming off-duty cops
12/03/2005: More on Stop Snitchin shirts
12/02/2005: Boston mayor vows to confiscate Stop Snitchin shirts
12/02/2005: SAME OL', SAME OL'
12/02/2005: Planting Propaganda
12/01/2005: Hardyville: Ho ho ho
11/30/2005: Three pieces to think about
11/29/2005: Suddenly the "Miami Plan" doesn't include ID checks
11/29/2005: Serenity DVD will have lots of extras!
11/29/2005: Feds behind state and local surveillance
11/29/2005: "Papers, please!" in Miami
11/28/2005: Professor R.J. Rummel changes genocide numbers
11/28/2005: SS card burnings
11/27/2005: End of America series coming on the networks
11/25/2005: "Gunshot residue" might not be
11/25/2005: TiVo mimics RebelFire
11/24/2005: Happy Thanksgiving
11/23/2005: Reefer Madness; Yeah, what Debra said
11/23/2005: Deb Davis: This year's Dudley Hiibel
11/23/2005: Sober worm rides on Bushevik coattails
11/23/2005: Texas suing Sony over spyware
11/22/2005: Cannabis portrayed sanely in a very good movie
11/22/2005: Bush wanted to bomb Al-Jazeera in Qatar
11/22/2005: "Oh. The feds ..." and herbal anti-nausea medicine
11/21/2005: The forest is falling
11/21/2005: Cheney provided "guidance" for torture
11/20/2005: Logging the forest next to Cabin Sweet Cabin?/Property taxes
11/20/2005: New "V for Vendetta" posters
11/20/2005: Airport lie detectors
11/19/2005: The vices of a declining empire.
11/17/2005: Brits banning "bullet-making" supplies
11/17/2005: My Yule gift of Silence
11/16/2005: Recapping today's news
11/16/2005: Total vehicle tracking
11/15/2005: Sony spyware -- more than just the rootkit problem
11/15/2005: Hardyville: Flashlights
11/15/2005: Unterrupted time is a necessity
11/14/2005: Unintended consequences of Sony's screwed up rootkits
11/14/2005: How Americans became torturers
11/13/2005: New books and DVDs added to bookstore
11/12/2005: Best Musical EVER
11/12/2005: Fountain pen nannies
11/12/2005: Weekend read -- WTC towers/Bush needs terrorism
11/11/2005: IBM calls for global "ID management"
11/11/2005: Some good news on the San Francisco gun ban
11/11/2005: "Their terrorism and ours"
11/11/2005: Forget golden retrievers -- go green
11/10/2005: "On the effectiveness of aluminum foil helmets"
11/10/2005: Army confirms use of white phosphorus for city combat
11/10/2005: The Read the &^^%$$#! Bills amendment
11/09/2005: Kirsten on Mom's Marijuana
11/09/2005: "The wisdom to know the difference" (James Leroy Wilson)
11/08/2005: Why is the leak worse than the original abuse?
11/08/2005: Chemical weapons in Iraq?
11/08/2005: How the MPAA killed the movie theater experience
11/07/2005: National Security Letters used to create dossier on "enemy journalist"
11/07/2005: Introducing the TaserCam
11/07/2005: The blessed weed
11/07/2005: Hypocrite politicals on the Patriot Act (and more)
11/05/2005: Libertarian family values
11/05/2005: The Cheney/Bush right to torture
11/04/2005: The big argument of the torture lovers
11/04/2005: Rumsfeld and Tamiflu
11/03/2005: Here's how your biometric Real ID drivers license will be used
11/03/2005: Reviewing the Freedom Flashlight
11/03/2005: Serenity DVD in time for Christmas
11/02/2005: Dear Free State Project
11/02/2005: "The Hardy Awards" now online
11/01/2005: Is Ohio the worst place to live or what?
11/01/2005: Tweaking the economy to death, "capitalist" style
11/01/2005: TCF Practical Postal Pistol Match Results
10/31/2005: Alito nominated
10/31/2005: RebelFire #3 on bestseller list/general stuff
10/29/2005: Fed arrested
10/28/2005: Why we sometimes have nothing to say
10/28/2005: Creative tension/human complexity
10/26/2005: "Spychips" having an influence on RFID liars
10/26/2005: "Wiretapping" the Internet/government involvement in everything
10/25/2005: 2,000 dead American soldiers
10/25/2005: Who cares who's the next Fed chair/Astounding predictions
10/25/2005: White House sues The Onion
10/25/2005: Irwin Schiff convicted
10/25/2005: FBI misuses surveillance powers
10/25/2005: Sunni and conspirator review How to Kill the Job Culture
10/24/2005: Common sense on bird flu
10/24/2005: A man without a country
10/24/2005: CALEA affects libraries & universities, too
10/24/2005: No gun ban in Brazil
10/24/2005: Secede!
10/22/2005: Head of new U.S. spy agency is none of your business
10/22/2005: "Storm Warning" by Lady Liberty
10/22/2005: Keep the Sabbath
10/21/2005: First TCF Practical Pistol Postal Match!
10/21/2005: Gun liability bill passes -- complete with Trojan horses
10/21/2005: Canada to prosecute Bush for committing torture
10/21/2005: "Government Raids Outlaws"
10/21/2005: The wiretappers scoop in Skype
10/20/2005: The blogging blank
10/20/2005: John Stossel on guns
10/19/2005: Made a little dough
10/17/2005: Bovard on Attention Deficit Democracy
10/17/2005: The nexus between politics and terror
10/15/2005: The Lost Ghost of Hardyville
10/14/2005: Sick vet dragged off gurney; it's the drug war again
10/14/2005: Larry Pratt on the Virginia gun-show BATFE abuses
10/14/2005: Iraqnophobia
10/14/2005: New site: The Missing Amendment
10/13/2005: Have you v*ted for your favorite freedom films?
10/13/2005: "What God really told Bush"
10/12/2005: Simple sabotage manual
10/12/2005: FEMA's ice-capade
10/11/2005: RebelFire nominated for the Prometheus Award
10/11/2005: People still figuring out that Real ID Act is trouble
10/11/2005: Young men staying away from the movies
10/11/2005: Source of the new credit card minimum payment
10/10/2005: October credit card surprise?
10/09/2005: -- help with your blogload
10/09/2005: Wally Conger and B.W. Richardson on How to Kill the Job Culture
10/08/2005: Two lives destroyed by Abu Ghraib
10/08/2005: A Seattle animal volunteer goes to Louisiana
10/08/2005: More on ham radio
10/07/2005: Petty dispute screws up 15+ percent of the Internet
10/07/2005: Mushroom hunting
10/07/2005: One man, one photograph
10/05/2005: Whites not welcome
10/05/2005: Bill Bonner on expansion and collapse of empires
10/04/2005: Legislator wants government to control reproduction
10/04/2005: Biohazard released over peace marchers?
10/04/2005: First review of How to Kill the Job Culture
10/04/2005: "The Uses of Disaster" (disasters and psychological health)
10/03/2005: Spychips a bestseller
10/03/2005: Why I was disappointed by Serenity
10/01/2005: Hardyville: "What a Disaster"
10/01/2005: FEMA's Success
09/30/2005: Serenity
09/30/2005: The mainstream begins to notice Serenity
09/29/2005: Serenity -- tomorrow -- yessss!!!!!!
09/29/2005: Jack Skellington and George W. Bush
09/29/2005: No felony charges for corpse pictures
09/28/2005: Too damned cruel to endure
09/27/2005: More war crimes from U.S. soldiers
09/27/2005: A spoiler-free review of Serenity
09/27/2005: The John Galt Line Lives
09/27/2005: Who gets arrested first
09/27/2005: Spychips by Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntire
09/26/2005: Jim Bovard at the anti-war demonstration
09/26/2005: Torture: Why is it always "a failure of leadership"?
09/26/2005: Middlebury Institute -- for separatism and secession
09/25/2005: Iraq war protest
09/23/2005: Yet Another Cover Up
09/23/2005: Goodness, badness, and institutional armor
09/23/2005: Handbook for politically dissident bloggers
09/23/2005: Pilot ends up on the no-fly list
09/21/2005: Liz Michael says its time to shoot the bastards
09/21/2005: USDA forbids hurricane victims to eat donated NATO rations
09/20/2005: Feds are recruiting for the porn squad
09/20/2005: Codrea's complaints about the Hardyville Freedom Film Festival
09/20/2005: Dave Gross on "How to Kill the Job Culture"
09/20/2005: "Price gouging" and the fedgov
09/20/2005: Why Bush is good at politics but lousy at government
09/20/2005: Rick from Germany on
09/19/2005: Market Theocracy blog -- George Potter
09/19/2005: Too much cop crap
09/17/2005: An actual GOOD reason to contact your congressthing
09/17/2005: lewlew's blog
09/17/2005: Serenity stars signed for sequels
09/17/2005: How various government agencies would respond to Hurricane Katrina
09/15/2005: Gold hits 17-year high
09/15/2005: Kung-Fu Hustle and Sin City
09/15/2005: Katrina and razor wire
09/15/2005: 2005 Hardyville Freedom Film Festival
09/14/2005: Warriors Against War
09/13/2005: Why no negligent homicide charges for politicians?
09/13/2005: Modern inconveniences
09/13/2005: TCF goes down and comes back up again
09/12/2005: Grrrrrr
09/12/2005: One shotgun + determination/Algiers Point Militia/Katrina chronology or errors
09/11/2005: Now there'll even be SWAT teams for spin
09/11/2005: My new book is out
09/11/2005: A nice New Orleans story
09/10/2005: What the "state of emergency" allows
09/10/2005: 1774 in Boston, 2005 in New Orleans: A Scott Bieser cartoon
09/09/2005: Detainee camp
09/09/2005: Court says okay to "detain" Americans indefinitely
09/09/2005: Video Coverage of Gun Confiscation
09/09/2005: New Orleans: No "civilians" to be allowed firearms
09/08/2005: Color laser printers/copiers able to track specific users?
09/08/2005: Aftermath: Social bonds are nearly always strengthened after a disaster
09/07/2005: Shop online at S.W.A.T. -- benefit hurricane survivors
09/07/2005: Bush to investigate himself
09/07/2005: Bayou vets tough it out
09/07/2005: More on ham radio and emergency communications
09/06/2005: Serenity in Legos
09/06/2005: Two stories of (armed) survival from New Orleans
09/06/2005: James Wesley, Rawles evaluates 19 states for retreat/gulching potential
09/05/2005: Loretta Nall can't even go to prison
09/05/2005: Government, gluttony, and a coming long, slow collapse
09/05/2005: "Tribes" and community in post-hurricane New Orleans
09/05/2005: Katrina PeopleFinder Project
09/04/2005: Bush Must Go
09/04/2005: Potemkin levee repair staged for George W. Bush?
09/04/2005: Privacy to be a loser in the DVD format wars?
09/03/2005: Laissez Fair?
09/03/2005: Monkeywrenching web beacons
09/03/2005: Ham radio for SHTF times
09/03/2005: U.S. expands (but delays) passport requirements
09/02/2005: Government priorities in New Orleans
09/02/2005: The end of a bad week
09/02/2005: Katrina affecting Northeast US
09/01/2005: Academics line up to protest Utah "rave raid"
09/01/2005: Government comandeers buses from New Orleans hotels
09/01/2005: Police Looting in New Orleans
09/01/2005: Hardyville: "What's in Claire's Bug-Out Bag"
09/01/2005: Medical fraud (by politics)/medical options
09/01/2005: New Orleans and National Guard
08/31/2005: Why "good" government deserves more criticism than "bad" government
08/31/2005: Wogglebug on New Orleans
08/31/2005: Yahoo, web beacons, and your privacy
08/31/2005: Testing
08/31/2005: Government hurt New Orleans
08/31/2005: New Orleans elevations
08/31/2005: Wikipedia covers Katrina/What about water supply
08/30/2005: New Orleans under water
08/30/2005: You'll never guess the Busheviks top crime-fighting priority
08/30/2005: The left can't get anything done, either
08/30/2005: "Maybe We're All Ambidextrous" (thoughts on left vs right libertarianism)
08/29/2005: Dog dead by cop
08/29/2005: Government as a refuge
08/29/2005: "Cancelable" biometrics
08/28/2005: A mainstream look at turning equity into debt
08/28/2005: Attacking government: a dog's point of view
08/28/2005: Category 5 hurricane and New Orleans
08/27/2005: TCF update
08/27/2005: Dying for a seat belt violation
08/26/2005: Government to the rescue...again
08/26/2005: Paper lambastes Utah sheriff for rave raid
08/26/2005: Another wrong-house raid
08/26/2005: Cops on steroids/"Dear Palestinian Bomber"
08/26/2005: TCF still down -- join us in the TCF Refugee Shelter
08/26/2005: Propping up the "weary titan"
08/25/2005: Zylon body armor -- government certified but not safe
08/25/2005: Gas shortages coming to Hawaii
08/25/2005: Wolfesblog bookstore updated
08/25/2005: Fedgov confiscates priceless gold coins
08/25/2005: Who killed PayPal
08/24/2005: Now this is just plain *mean*
08/24/2005: Cops make war on a rave
08/24/2005: Feeding the mob at TEOTWAWKI
08/24/2005: Minear and Whedon speak on Heinlein and Serenity
08/23/2005: Be Careful What You Wish For: The Debt Crisis Arrives October 17, 2005
08/23/2005: BATF in VA, Part 3
08/23/2005: An alternative to TCF?
08/23/2005: The Libertarian Left
08/23/2005: TCF to return
08/23/2005: How many will you be feeding?
08/22/2005: Tactical Hand Signals
08/22/2005: Treasury Dept. re-asserts its power to seize gold and silver
08/22/2005: The attack on tax havens
08/22/2005: Police officers sue Taser for training injuries
08/22/2005: Lessons for gulchers from the 17th century
08/21/2005: Rights worship
08/21/2005: BATF in VA update!
08/21/2005: TCF still down -- rehab clinic planned
08/21/2005: A thought on reincarnation
08/21/2005: Bush's secret identity
08/20/2005: It's still "shoot to kill" in London
08/20/2005: A liberal wrings his hands over Firefly
08/20/2005: Help Wikipedia
08/20/2005: Proposed Canadian law = surveillance without supervision
08/20/2005: Debt is a choice
08/19/2005: Gold and debt
08/19/2005: TCF still down/memories of Jasmine
08/19/2005: Gold is money
08/18/2005: Jasmine Marie Wolfe
08/18/2005: Plaxo: A rant
08/18/2005: Will London police be held accountable
08/18/2005: U.S. Ecological Park proposal
08/18/2005: BATFE harrassment in Virginia
08/17/2005: TCF down -- which might be a good thing
08/17/2005: Another man's visit to Hiroshima
08/16/2005: 72 hr kits
08/16/2005: Cafe caters to dogs and people -- why can't it happen here?
08/16/2005: Adding injury to injury on Kelo
08/15/2005: New Hardyville: "Fat, Unfit, and Fifty" -- a bug-out scenario
08/15/2005: Living with one's convictions
08/15/2005: TSA to allow "hijack weapons" again?
08/14/2005: Visiting Hiroshima
08/13/2005: Complexifying the simple life
08/13/2005: They track you here, they track you there
08/10/2005: Fly to the moon -- Just $100 million
08/10/2005: Seven in the hat worked well in London, bring it to the USA!
08/09/2005: Propaganda Fabric
08/09/2005: RFID world distance record
08/09/2005: A little less talk
08/09/2005: E-plates -- the latest gadget for ending travel privacy
08/09/2005: CALEA expanded
08/09/2005: When did politicians stop being real human beings?
08/08/2005: Lightning's reflections on RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone
08/08/2005: King Fahd's Passing
08/08/2005: Dave Gross on Hiroshima
08/08/2005: The old man and his tree house
08/07/2005: James Wesley, Rawles Survival Blog
08/06/2005: Depressing anniversary
08/06/2005: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
08/05/2005: Civil liberties board exists only on paper
08/05/2005: Little town doesn't want telephones
08/05/2005: Congressman's home raided
08/04/2005: Windows Vista requires you to replace your monitor?
08/04/2005: Slate debunks the "meth epidemic"
08/03/2005: Marc Emery: Canadians rallying to keep the U.S. drug war out
08/03/2005: Insurgency is a co-op endeavor
08/02/2005: The miraculous Kim Jong Il
08/02/2005: Total Information Awareness is back
08/02/2005: Economic Nonsense
08/01/2005: Marijuana activist Loretta Nall needs help
08/01/2005: August 1 Hardyville column
08/01/2005: Have Wi-Fi? Microsoft wants to snoop you.
08/01/2005: McElroy on Thoreau and "Civil Disobedience"
08/01/2005: Checking the Blog
07/29/2005: People tracking with RFID begins
07/29/2005: Only people just like us matter
07/28/2005: Iraq's draft constitution = slavery and bigotry
07/28/2005: Free People Protect Themselves
07/26/2005: TSA boob-groping
07/26/2005: 13-minute preview of Serenity
07/26/2005: Fred Reed on Maribel Cuevas
07/25/2005: More details on the London shooting
07/25/2005: People can be good/building a trail
07/24/2005: I like food and freedom.
07/22/2005: Firefly on TV again tonight
07/22/2005: Wally Conger on "The Traveler" (with a mention of RebelFire)
07/21/2005: Two good ones on
07/21/2005: "Free" government software to help doctors destroy patient privacy
07/19/2005: Claire to get Tasered?
07/19/2005: CAFTA is another danger to our nutritional supplements
07/18/2005: Cost of drivers licenses to soar
07/18/2005: Economic Lessons of Bicycle Racing
07/15/2005: Hardyville: "Rock 'n Roll ala Mode"
07/14/2005: Bill Bonner on Leisure
07/14/2005: A New Libertarian Paradigm for Freedom
07/13/2005: Something wicked this way comes
07/12/2005: Weaponlight for an M1 Garand
07/12/2005: Shooting building materials
07/12/2005: Pledge to stay at the Lost Liberty Hotel
07/12/2005: The LP's "New Deal" for Iraq (bizarre!)
07/11/2005: Condo bubble and a joke
07/11/2005: Added to the blogroll
07/10/2005: My $30,000 bathtub
07/10/2005: "Hothouse Orchids vs. Desert Cacti"
07/07/2005: Useless power
07/07/2005: Sometimes, that's enough
07/04/2005: Not much to celebrate on Independence Day
07/03/2005: Foxfire for gulchers
07/02/2005: got skill?
07/02/2005: "Learning to Loaf" (latest BHM column)
06/30/2005: "Evolution of the Robe" (a cartoon)
06/30/2005: The Nature of Money Yesterday
06/28/2005: Deanna Forbush reviews The Black Arrow
06/28/2005: The Lost Liberty Hotel -- on Justice Souter's land???
06/28/2005: "V for Vendetta"
06/27/2005: Keeping it Simple, Stupid!
06/27/2005: British government to sell national ID data
06/26/2005: A success story
06/26/2005: Law enforcement and libraries -- an American Library Assn. survey
06/26/2005: THE NINE NAZGUL
06/25/2005: More on the rush to take from the poor and give to the rich
06/24/2005: What can a server learn about you and your browser?
06/23/2005: The nature of money today
06/23/2005: TCF Combat Rifle Postal Match
06/23/2005: Post-Raich rush to raid the sick
06/23/2005: How ironic: Sups say they can take anything
06/23/2005: Pentagon creating student database
06/23/2005: A review of The Castle
06/22/2005: Guest bloggers -- Silver and Thunder
06/22/2005: Paying to be biometrically ID'd
06/22/2005: Top 100 movie quotes
06/21/2005: Humans aren't made to multitask
06/21/2005: Wally Conger on "left libertarians"
06/21/2005: Not a melting pot -- but Jello salad
06/20/2005: How to be Idle
06/19/2005: Great actors; where are the great actresses?
06/17/2005: Book Review: The Book of Two Guns
06/16/2005: ISP as extension of police
06/15/2005: Possible early release for Serenity movie?
06/15/2005: Mrs. Nat Does Dope
06/14/2005: Community enourages action?
06/14/2005: W shows his true nature
06/13/2005: Susan Callaway and atek128 review RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone
06/13/2005: Past, future, and violence
06/12/2005: Iris scans of the little kiddies
06/12/2005: Liberty Watch article on Vin, The Black Arrow, and Laissez Faire Books
06/12/2005: Russell Kanning gets arrested -- as he intended
06/09/2005: California shooting club bans state DOJ personnel
06/08/2005: Rich Lucibella reviews RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone
06/07/2005: Dancin' for civility
06/07/2005: Feeding frenzy at TCF
06/07/2005: Being a retired invisible pirate
06/06/2005: CitiGroup loses data on 3.9 million customers
06/06/2005: Sups okay continued persecution of sick people
06/05/2005: Wally Conger reviews RebelFire
06/05/2005: States getting closer to taxing the Net?
06/03/2005: How the feds busted ShadowCrew
06/01/2005: Trust serum
06/01/2005: Hardyville: "Closing the Borders"
05/31/2005: Holocaust survivor flees the U.S. (apocryphal)
05/30/2005: Range Report: Incendiary ammo and propane tanks
05/30/2005: Cop doesn't appreciate man's whimsical sense of humor
05/29/2005: RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone now on
05/29/2005: Sex offenders getting Viagra
05/29/2005: Playing Book Tag
05/27/2005: Doctors in UK want to ban long pointed kitchen knives
05/27/2005: Kenneth Trendadue and the Oklahoma City Bombing
05/26/2005: HP Joins the economic fascism parade, too
05/26/2005: FedEx and Homeland "Achtung!" Security
05/25/2005: Who needs a judge when they already know you're a terrorist?
05/25/2005: Virginia Watchdog -- SSN protests from a real alpha maddog
05/23/2005: Time, Rhetoric, Reality, Etc.
05/22/2005: The deadly talcum powder threat
05/22/2005: Middle-class Outlaws
05/22/2005: First review of RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone
05/18/2005: Bad kitty
05/18/2005: Serenity comic pages online
05/18/2005: Making music, staying sane
05/18/2005: Newsweek screwup -- a parable
05/18/2005: A Serenity comic
05/18/2005: Country cell-phone use and brain tumors
05/17/2005: Shady cash fueling local cops
05/16/2005: Books, books, books, books -- and universal ID
05/16/2005: Sunni's Real ID Rebellion blog
05/15/2005: Hardyville: "We're all illegal aliens now"
05/15/2005: Range Report: Shooting concrete blocks, part deux
05/13/2005: Government desperation
05/13/2005: Achilles heel of the Real ID system
05/12/2005: The Homeland "Achtung!" Security response to Real ID
05/12/2005: Al-Quaeda on the Real ID Act
05/12/2005: Stay angry about Real ID
05/11/2005: Cash sniffers
05/11/2005: Newspeak on national ID
05/11/2005: Another financial earthquake -- but party on
05/10/2005: Only government should have guns
05/10/2005: Senate passes Real ID Act unanimously
05/10/2005: Destroying the village to save it (cartoon)
05/10/2005: Real National ID in the Senate
05/10/2005: Dog rescues baby
05/09/2005: Color Code of Mental Awareness
05/08/2005: All those "sophisticated" security sniffers? HA!
05/08/2005: The holy virtues of mob rule
05/08/2005: Laissez Faire Books refuses to sell The Black Arrow
05/07/2005: Weekend reads: A private "welfare state" and a media illusion
05/06/2005: Homeland Security van robbed
05/06/2005: The smoking memo on Iraq
05/06/2005: Col. David Hackworth is dead
05/06/2005: J.D. Tuccille reviews The Black Arrow
05/05/2005: Reclaiming our Radicalism, Part II
05/04/2005: TSA says more info will mean less inconvenience
05/04/2005: "Unintended consequences" of the Real ID Act
05/04/2005: E-mail addles the mind
05/01/2005: Hardyville: When cops don't take "no" for an answer
04/30/2005: At last! -- Rebelfire: Out of the Gray Zone (a novel by Claire Wolfe and Aaron Zelman)
04/29/2005: President hides from cloud
04/29/2005: The White Rose -- first leaflet
04/29/2005: "Hunger Insurance" and what we could learn from it
04/29/2005: NRA self-defense story -- a microcosm of bad journalism
04/28/2005: "Hitchhikers Guide" movie
04/28/2005: "Reclaiming Our Radicalism"
04/28/2005: Intrusive ads as a form of "customer relations" Uh huh.
04/27/2005: Credit-card minimum payments to increase
04/26/2005: Serenity trailer
04/26/2005: More on the last gun shop in Minneapolis
04/25/2005: Jim Bovard to be on C-SPAN2
04/25/2005: Alan Bock praises "The Black Arrow"
04/25/2005: "What are you afraid of?" by Lady Liberty
04/24/2005: Burt Rutan -- hero, regulator, or what?
04/23/2005: Weekend read -- Eurohacker magazine, issue #2
04/22/2005: Girls suspended for wearing Vagina Monologues buttons
04/22/2005: "A Vision in Flight" -- the marvelous Burt Rutan
04/21/2005: Coalition forms to fight global surveillance and tracking
04/21/2005: Finding Freedom article online
04/20/2005: GM loses 1.1 billion
04/19/2005: Range Report: 4-Day Practical Rifle at Front Sight
04/19/2005: Food-guide pryamid replaced -- Who the hell should care?
04/19/2005: Henry Lamb on government ownership of land
04/19/2005: Waco, Oklahoma City, War, and Terrorism
04/17/2005: MSM finally beginning to ask whether McVeigh had help
04/17/2005: Last gun store in Minneapolis earns one-month reprieve
04/17/2005: More on SNAP telephone enycryption technology
04/17/2005: Weekend reads -- The Writer's Block at TCF
04/17/2005: Macromedia Flash becomes more of a problem
04/15/2005: GWB and e-mail privacy
04/15/2005: Truro DNA sweep and the arrest of a murder suspect
04/15/2005: Buy a gun day
04/15/2005: "Hardyville Taxes the Taxman"
04/14/2005: Is your bank tracking your movements?
04/14/2005: Cops steal woman's identity
04/13/2005: The last gun shop in Minneapolis
04/13/2005: Army dogs
04/13/2005: Andrea Dworkin is dead
04/12/2005: 50th anniversary of the Salk polio vaccine -- privately funded
04/12/2005: Unitarian Jihad
04/12/2005: atek3 joins the blogosphere
04/12/2005: Lexis Nexis hack 10x worse than first admitted
04/11/2005: Two Muslim schoolgirls enter the Kafkaesque world of "detention"
04/11/2005: Marketers still have a long way to go toward successful manipulation
04/11/2005: "The Road to Rendition" -- torture and the CIA
04/10/2005: Hacking your OnStar unit
04/10/2005: Charles and Camilla
04/10/2005: / making freeways unfree
04/10/2005: "Dialing it Down" (aka dropping out)
04/10/2005: In praise of
04/06/2005: ACLU lambastes State Department on insecure "security" passports
04/06/2005: The last straw in the "privacy" travesty
04/06/2005: Canada's AdScam press ban
04/06/2005: LEAP: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
04/06/2005: ChoicePoint hires privacy officer
04/04/2005: The Central Spammer
04/04/2005: Only the government should have howitzerrs
04/03/2005: Make magazine from O'Reilly
04/03/2005: An MIT grad reflects on losing a contest to high-school illegal immigrants
04/02/2005: Noted privacy activist predicts freedom-tech sabotage
04/02/2005: Pain politics
04/02/2005: "La Vida Robot" -- four illegal kids beat MIT
04/01/2005: Company bypasses user deletions of cookies
04/01/2005: Irony on the day after Terri's death
04/01/2005: Hardyvllle: "Twelve Tips for Toppling Tyrants"
03/31/2005: Big Brother monitors your cable or satellite TV
03/31/2005: Thieves take finger to enter biometric-protected car
03/31/2005: Wendy McElroy on war and personal (financial) survival
03/30/2005: Snapshield -- new telephone security company
03/30/2005: FBI pays a visit to a cannabis activist
03/29/2005: Books on an anarchist's nightstand
03/29/2005: The New Bush Lexicon
03/28/2005: Something for everybody
03/28/2005: Jobs, Vocations, Frenzy, Reflections
03/27/2005: Range Report: Shooting concrete blocks
03/26/2005: Oliver Del Signore and Wally Conger review The Black Arrow
03/25/2005: Men steal house. Really.
03/25/2005: More on Brits' Big Brother madness
03/24/2005: Ted Rall on GWB and the right to life
03/23/2005: More on mood alterererererering drugs
03/22/2005: Telling your kids about your drug use
03/22/2005: Mood-altering drugs
03/22/2005: The school shooting in MN
03/21/2005: The NRA sabotages more pro-gun legislation
03/21/2005: Police could have saved three children, but dildn't bother
03/21/2005: Human body as a broadband network
03/20/2005: Free Linux CDs!
03/20/2005: Bumbling DEA agent suspended
03/19/2005: Weekend reads -- Karl Hess, Vin Suprynowicz, Scott Bieser
03/18/2005: Blowback: NORAD makes satellite system less secure
03/18/2005: Credit-card issuers refuse to charge online cigarette purchases
03/16/2005: "Obstruction of governmental administration" (Rosario Dawson)
03/15/2005: EuroHacker 'zine is launched
03/15/2005: Funny-scary
03/15/2005: The Claire Files forums reorganized
03/15/2005: "Rushin' and Rantin' with Reactive Ralphie" -- New BHM column
03/15/2005: "Does your urine belong to Congress?"
03/13/2005: AOL AIM users give up all privacy
03/10/2005: -- Internet lending exchange
03/10/2005: Charles Robert Carner's remake of "Vanishing Point"
03/09/2005: LexisNexis hacked
03/09/2005: "ChoicePoint files found riddled with errors"
03/09/2005: "Gun nuts at 30,000 feet?"
03/08/2005: One more reason only cops should have guns
03/08/2005: "The Pleasant Probation of Tommy Chong"
03/08/2005: TCF back up/now I'm going quiet
03/08/2005: Tessa Rose on living a life beyond fear
03/07/2005: TCF to be back up, probably Tuesday
03/07/2005: Rabbit hunting
03/07/2005: TCF down
03/06/2005: Fake ID: "The kids are winning."
03/05/2005: "Amish Tech"
03/05/2005: Michael Crichton on the corruption of science
03/04/2005: Google's new AutoLink feature -- good article
03/04/2005: -- Leapin' lizards, they're recruiting for the welfare state
03/04/2005: ChoicePoint to stop selling "sesitive" date -- sort of
03/04/2005: Free Walt Anderson
03/03/2005: Daughter's DNA and the BTK Murderer
03/03/2005: ChoicePoint han an earlier data theft
03/01/2005: Don't forget, today's arrested "Million Mom" wasn't the first
03/01/2005: New blogroll entry: The Free Liberal
03/01/2005: Anti-gun "Mom" arrested for gun and drugs
03/01/2005: California medical marijuana users want their weed back
03/01/2005: Be careful when requesting your free credit report
03/01/2005: "10 Lessons from the Bug-Out Campout"
02/28/2005: John Gilmore and secret laws
02/27/2005: "Who's On First" for the computer age
02/27/2005: How the Amish won exemption from social security
02/27/2005: RFID Washer goes to market soon
02/27/2005: Bank of America loses 1.2 million customer records, including ...
02/25/2005: Felony arrest for zombie attack
02/25/2005: Lyrics: Feeling famous
02/25/2005: Depressing stat on god and morality
02/25/2005: No privacy protectors on the Homeland Security privacy committee
02/24/2005: "Corporatism and Socialism in America"
02/23/2005: Ad showing shotgun banned in Britain
02/23/2005: Hunter S. Thompson -- remains to be fired from a cannon
02/23/2005: "The unregistered child does not exist."
02/22/2005: Good editorial on the chilling of free speech
02/22/2005: "An American Refusenik"
02/22/2005: Brian Doherty on the "Real ID Act"
02/21/2005: Hunter S. Thompson is dead
02/21/2005: The worst identity thieves aren't the ones who take your wallet
02/21/2005: Secret tapes show Prez a bore
02/19/2005: Creepy cop shoots self, gets innocent arrested
02/19/2005: The ChoicePoint data fiasco
02/19/2005: Left-wing anarchist bumper stickers
02/18/2005: Time for smoking all those joints
02/18/2005: Desert Hermitage vs Home, Home in the Woods
02/18/2005: Federal computer security agency gets "F" for its own computer security
02/17/2005: The collapse of my little corner of Western Civilization
02/16/2005: What were these scientists smokin'?
02/16/2005: School ends RFID tagging of students
02/15/2005: Another rave for The Black Arrow
02/15/2005: Animal-rescue humor
02/15/2005: The Bug-Out Campout -- New Hardyville column
02/14/2005: The Black Arrow, Reviewed by Fran Tully
02/13/2005: Libertarians in Panama
02/13/2005: The Bonus Army: An American Epic
02/12/2005: Review: Spyderco Assist knives (and thank you to Rich Lucibella)
02/10/2005: School to monitor kids every move via RFID tags
02/10/2005: Brad on computer backups
02/10/2005: House to vote on Sensenbrenner's "Real ID" bill
02/10/2005: CIA Admits Torture
02/10/2005: The Black Arrow
02/10/2005: Quiznos does right by resourceful manager
02/08/2005: Virus planted on cash
02/08/2005: How health insurance is screwing up health care
02/08/2005: The long tail of the Blogosphere
02/07/2005: Lightning's Blog -- "The Tragedy of History"
02/07/2005: Volvo will send somebody into space!
02/07/2005: Dumb Corporate Tricks
02/07/2005: "Withdrawal symptoms" for Windows NT users
02/07/2005: Podcasting
02/05/2005: Listen to your gut!
02/05/2005: Wendy's McBlog added to the blogroll
02/05/2005: Found on the not-found page :-)
02/05/2005: New additions to the blogroll
02/05/2005: Quiznos manager deserves to own the store
02/05/2005: A Mauser rifle delivered to your door
02/04/2005: Mobile phones for dogs
02/03/2005: Policeman tickets police car
02/03/2005: "Big Brother on Board"
02/02/2005: Flat tire -- a humbling experience
02/02/2005: The living face of W's brand of "freedom"
02/02/2005: "How we got the Statue of the Drunken Cowboy" (new column at BHM)
02/01/2005: No BHM column today
01/31/2005: Government schooling is working (if you're a government)
01/31/2005: An apt pairing of quotes
01/31/2005: Improvised explosives in Iraq
01/31/2005: Woman might lose benefits for refusing to screw
01/30/2005: State of California murders "Tarzan"
01/29/2005: Chicks Love Him
01/29/2005: Sunni Maravillosa on liking men
01/29/2005: Heinlein Prizes
01/28/2005: New House bill puts Homeland Security above the law
01/28/2005: Ayn Rand 100 years after
01/27/2005: The Twinkie thread marches on
01/26/2005: Vigilantes on the border
01/26/2005: Gonzales nomination heads toward full Senate vote
01/26/2005: Home again
01/21/2005: Elvis has left the building
01/19/2005: Panama report updated
01/19/2005: Mike Wasdin take the blue pill
01/16/2005: Bob-the-Nerd gets government ID (really!)
01/14/2005: The Twinkie thread grooooowwwwwws
01/14/2005: I'm going to be writing for ... gulp! ... S.W.A.T. magazine
01/14/2005: Good news for border-running Outlaws
01/13/2005: Joel C. Simon books online
01/13/2005: Feeling "sparkly" about freedom's potential
01/06/2005: Best freedom cartoon of the year
01/06/2005: New JPFO video "BATFE Fails the Test"
01/06/2005: Realtime video processing for GNU/Linux
01/06/2005: Soldier "drafted" to serve 25 more years
01/03/2005: Tsunami victims being microchipped
01/03/2005: New USB flash drive and CD-bootable Linuxes
12/30/2004: Tsunami/Earthquake relief beyond the Red Cross
12/28/2004: The arrival of the Linux Fairy
12/28/2004: Death toll at 55,000 from tsunamis
12/28/2004: Building a Trail
12/24/2004: Christmas report from the Desert Hermitage
12/19/2004: Left-wing utopian coercive hellholes
12/19/2004: Windows Solitaire -- Death, destruction, and doom (or good news, depending)
12/19/2004: Serenity pre-screening
12/16/2004: Mitt Romney and the new Stasi
12/16/2004: GWB plans for emergency shutdown of GPS
12/15/2004: Hardyville on Y2K +4
12/15/2004: A medical emergency at the Desert Hermitage
12/15/2004: The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel by L. Neil Smith and Scott Bieser
12/10/2004: Liberals on the militarization of law enforcement (and the death of privacy)
12/10/2004: Further thoughts on not shooting TSA fedgoons
12/09/2004: American publishers forbidden to publish foreign dissidents
12/06/2004: A terrible thought about the TSA
12/06/2004: Will Britons be "allowed" to defend their homes?
12/04/2004: The infamous RV parts conspiracy
12/04/2004: Filling little "drug" capsules
12/02/2004: How those tough sonsabitch pioneers did it
12/02/2004: Gonzales worse than Ashcroft
12/01/2004: Christmas gifts for backcountry homesteaders
12/01/2004: Hard times at the Desert Hermitage
12/01/2004: "Non-lethal" weapons strike again
11/29/2004: Serenity (the movie) delayed
11/22/2004: 17-year-old unschooled girl's projects
11/22/2004: GWB and the draft/uninterrupted time
11/21/2004: Review of The Freedom Outlaw's Handbook
11/21/2004: Blogless
11/21/2004: My brush with death :-)
11/21/2004: Duct tape, WD-40, and other keys to life
11/19/2004: KNS Precision Crosshair Rifle Sight Review
11/19/2004: National Ammo Day
11/14/2004: Lexmark printers spying on customers?
11/14/2004: November 16 Hardyville column -- the foods of home
11/10/2004: Worse than Ashcroft
11/09/2004: The Evil One is gone!
11/07/2004: Gulchers, take note!
11/07/2004: Charley Reese: "A Storm is Coming"
11/07/2004: The ultimate Nigerian spam scam letter
11/07/2004: Parishioners protest sacking of pistol-packin' priest
11/06/2004: Netting
11/06/2004: The "CHIP" program for kids
11/04/2004: Geocaching: Backwoods Home column
11/04/2004: Makeshift "infrastructure" and the winter Hermitage
11/03/2004: From the hysterical knee-slapping department
11/03/2004: A Bush "mandate": Time to duck and cover
11/01/2004: Machine gun rock & roll
10/25/2004: Third dispatch from the desert
10/25/2004: Comparing the Mini-14 and Daewoo K2 (yeah, hardly fair, I know)
10/19/2004: Digging a ditch -- Second dispatch from the desert
10/17/2004: Backwood Home Column: How to Avoid Work, Part II
10/15/2004: First dispatch from the desert
10/13/2004: RNC - The Short Version
10/11/2004: Range Report: Marvel .22 conversion kit
10/06/2004: SKS Aperture Sights
10/04/2004: History made!!
10/04/2004: Wasting your vote, scientifically
10/04/2004: High Tech Privacy Invader
10/01/2004: Backwoods Home column: How to Avoid Work
09/29/2004: Aaron and I rip into the "FairTax"
09/29/2004: On my way to the desert
09/28/2004: Because you need to be violated more than once a decade
09/28/2004: Contemplating carlessness
09/27/2004: Space Touris begins!
09/25/2004: Vin's new book -- The Black Arrow
09/24/2004: Weird tale of a Secret Service investigation
09/24/2004: The small conspirator
09/24/2004: Dogs can sniff cancer
09/23/2004: Anthony Hargis -- good news/bad news
09/22/2004: A tip from The Girl's Guide to Vehicle Maintenance
09/22/2004: School choice, teacher style
09/22/2004: Computer networking guru -- highly recommended!
09/22/2004: Cat burglar caught
09/22/2004: A real wake-up look at inflation
09/22/2004: Yusef Islam (aka Cat Stevens) denied entry to U.S.
09/21/2004: A look into our future?
09/21/2004: Yorie Kahl and Leonard Peltier suing the feds together
09/21/2004: John Ross and his dog Molly
09/21/2004: Entrapment/fishing expedition at The Claire Files forums
09/21/2004: More on the glories of TSA protection
09/21/2004: Homeschoolers = terrorists?
09/20/2004: Fiscal disaster warning -- from an unexpected source
09/20/2004: The new A9 search engine
09/20/2004: Letter from a soldier in Iraq
09/20/2004: Desert sojourn soon
09/19/2004: AK Vertical Front Grip
09/19/2004: The Reckoning
09/19/2004: Ohio fails to return Hunter's computer
09/18/2004: Serenity filming is complete!
09/18/2004: John Taylor Gatto on U.S. government schools
09/17/2004: Teacher "detained" and charged for carrying ... a bookmark
09/17/2004: Been looking for that affordable .50 BMG?
09/17/2004: Jim Bovard on Bush's lies -- At!
09/17/2004: Mother of dead U.S. soldier "detained"
09/17/2004: An example of why all writers are mad
09/16/2004: Deutsche Welle goes Klingon
09/16/2004: Another wrong-house raid
09/15/2004: Homes on wheels
09/15/2004: Backwoods Home column: Being a Good Carrier
09/14/2004: Angel Shamaya on the end of the Ugly Gun Ban
09/14/2004: Berlekey plan to decriminalize prostitution
09/14/2004: Plinker-MS also celebrates the end of the ban
09/14/2004: Ian's got his own blog-in
09/14/2004: More celebration of the end of the ban
09/14/2004: Building AR-15s from kits
09/13/2004: Kerry Thorley bio published
09/13/2004: Celebrating the ban of the ban
09/13/2004: Chain mail and shotguns
09/10/2004: Alan Korwin: Don't arrest Kerry for firearm violation
09/09/2004: AWB ban will die
09/09/2004: Gays won't endorse Bush
09/09/2004: Critter risks banishment in the name of free speech
09/09/2004: Shadowcrew and a firefly's dilemma
09/09/2004: Puppy shoots would-be puppy-killer
09/08/2004: 1000 dead in Iraq -- and one unmourned in Idaho
09/08/2004: History of the income tax
09/08/2004: Government wants record of visitors, posters to
09/07/2004: National ID ... again
09/07/2004: Feds want to make secret arguments in John Gilmore ID case
09/07/2004: Better bug detectors
09/06/2004: Steven Greenhut on getting a taste of police-state living
09/06/2004: More random canvassing of gun owners
09/06/2004: Pocket-sized bug detector?
09/05/2004: High-tech stalking
09/04/2004: Weird days
09/04/2004: "Silence is Health"
09/02/2004: Flying black triangle sightings
09/02/2004: Skype and foiling the fedsnoops
09/02/2004: "King George -- Off With His Head"
09/02/2004: Your caller ID might soon lie to you
09/02/2004: The world-famous Hardy Awards
09/01/2004: For the record ...
09/01/2004: The knifeless Swiss Army knife
08/31/2004: sold to SAF/CCRKBA
08/31/2004: "I gave up a little liberty ..."
08/31/2004: Harpers reports on GOP convention before it happens
08/31/2004: Two books: David Cay Johnston/Poland's conspiracies
08/30/2004: Thanks for buying from our links
08/30/2004: Those attitudinal NYC Libertarians
08/30/2004: My last radio appearance
08/30/2004: Gun sellout/"What Good Can a Handgun Do ...?"
08/28/2004: Building a trail
08/26/2004: Free trip for pro-war delegates
08/26/2004: Don't mess with Hardeeville
08/25/2004: Elian Gonzalez grab did not violate civil rights
08/24/2004: Attention all looters
08/24/2004: Giving new meaning to the term "magazine rack"
08/24/2004: CIA "dismantling" plan and the mainstream media
08/23/2004: Only cops and soldiers should ...
08/23/2004: James Bovard on "self-reliance" via government handouts
08/22/2004: "The dog ate my euros!"
08/22/2004: Hunter is free
08/20/2004: Goose Creek school raid A-OK by Ashcroftians
08/20/2004: I volunteer to lose $8.8 billion
08/20/2004: More on Anthony Hargis' strange jailing
08/19/2004: Last day to vote in the Hardyville Freedom Film Festival
08/19/2004: "The Barbarian Invasions"
08/19/2004: RFID to keep track of all the government-controlled serfs
08/19/2004: Ted Kennedy and the no-fly list
08/18/2004: So what's an illegal search
08/18/2004: Saving us from the latest Menace 2 Society
08/18/2004: Jim Bovard and the TSA in the NYT
08/18/2004: Goss really did say that "Big Brother" thing
08/17/2004: CIA director nominee wants CIA to spy on and arrest Americans
08/17/2004: Staying connected (and sometimes wondering why)
08/16/2004: Outlaw Handbook on eBay
08/16/2004: The FBI comes knocking
08/16/2004: atek3 reviews "The Justice Cooperative"
08/16/2004: Jim Bovard on "CAPPS3"
08/15/2004: SKScapades in Hardyville
08/15/2004: anonymizing services
08/13/2004: Weirdness on Pitcairn Island
08/13/2004: I, Robot
08/13/2004: Update on those TSA-approved suitcase locks
08/12/2004: Checkpoint nullification
08/12/2004: Statue of Liberty & "biometrics in everyday life"
08/11/2004: Have fun at the Olympics
08/11/2004: For every act of tyranny, a price
08/11/2004: New York "taxi cops" haul Mike Wallace to jail
08/10/2004: Great bumper sticker
08/10/2004: Liz Michael says it better than I
08/10/2004: The morality of shooting the bastards.
08/09/2004: "Big Business is Becoming Big Brother"
08/09/2004: "Claire Wolfe time"
08/09/2004: Two rockets down
08/08/2004: Wally Conger's new blog
08/07/2004: OutKast, Lou Reed not allowed in Kansas libraries
08/07/2004: The Justice Cooperative
08/06/2004: Bushcroft book burnings
08/06/2004: JPFO weighs in on Oshkosh gun confiscation
08/06/2004: The best Bushism yet
08/06/2004: Lest we forget
08/05/2004: The big terror alert that wasn't (or was it?)
08/05/2004: Tapping (and evading taps on) VoIP
08/05/2004: Get "deadbeat dads" out of debtors' prison
08/04/2004: MegaTokyo and the state of things
08/04/2004: "Going over the edge"
08/02/2004: Liberty Post deletes Loompanics
08/02/2004: Michael Moore edits a newspaper
08/02/2004: "Recoil Reduction" by Ian McCollum
08/01/2004: Hardyville in Space
07/30/2004: More on JibJab and "This Land"
07/30/2004: That "confidential" census data again
07/30/2004: Now here's what a young, blonde columnist ought to be like
07/29/2004: Earth to drug task force: Hibiscus won't get you high
07/29/2004: JibJab gets cease-and-desist order for "This Land"
07/29/2004: Radio interviews: how they've changed
07/28/2004: Pres on behavior modification drugs? (Rumor only)
07/28/2004: RFID hacking
07/28/2004: Bounty poster for bad cops
07/28/2004: Nationwide alert color-code fashion dilemma
07/27/2004: SpaceShipOne will go for the Ansari X Prize in September!
07/27/2004: Prison/probation stats keep going up, up, up
07/27/2004: Revisiting the flight of SpaceShipOne
07/26/2004: Door-to-door gun confiscation in Oshkosh?
07/26/2004: Big Bro in your license plate -- and your bloodstream
07/25/2004: Prison photos/ruminations on the eve of the Democrats convention
07/25/2004: Goodbye to the "assault weapon" ban
07/25/2004: The logical extension of mental-health screening
07/24/2004: Best/worst gun unsafety yet -- and from a cop, no less
07/24/2004: Canadian gun registry used as a model for what not to do
07/23/2004: Crackdown on research chemicals (aka "designer drugs")
07/23/2004: First screening of "Serenity" footage
07/23/2004: HOPE for hacking the tyranny system
07/22/2004: A teen with the "wrong" name has airport security troubles
07/22/2004: Amazing deference to a man who stole classified documents
07/22/2004: 9/11 Commission press conference
07/21/2004: A pair of field reviews by Ian McCollum
07/20/2004: Illinois plans compulsory mental-health screenings
07/20/2004: Anthony Hargis in jail
07/19/2004: Katherine Albrecht demolishes idea of RFID implant "security"
07/18/2004: Review of James Bovard's The Bush Betrayal
07/16/2004: "Bastille Day and the French Revolution"
07/16/2004: Obesity a disease; The Onion seeks the cure
07/16/2004: The pizza order of the future/CAPPS III
07/15/2004: Airport security puts TNT in passenger's luggage -- and dogs don't detect it
07/15/2004: Defense minister strip-searched by airport thugs. So what?
07/15/2004: The Hardyville Freedom Film Festival
07/14/2004: General idiocies and nannitude
07/14/2004: Bongs, seeds, Attitude, and freedom
07/14/2004: Things I'm going to do. Really
07/13/2004: Mexico's attorney general gets implanted microchip
07/13/2004: Joel and J.D. at LRC
07/13/2004: Five great things about yesterday
07/12/2004: "Humiliated, Angry, Ashamed, Brown"
07/12/2004: In case body scanners weren't "good" enough for you
07/12/2004: Unstructuredreality Yahoo group
07/11/2004: UK to protect slugs, snails, and worms?
07/09/2004: "My Mother, the Terrorist."
07/09/2004: The good old Mini-14
07/09/2004: Patriot Act Section 215 still stands
07/08/2004: Can VoIP survive Congress?
07/08/2004: "I agree with me!" says P.J. O'Rourke
07/07/2004: "Torture as due process." James Bovard on enemy combatants and rights
07/07/2004: "I write badly, therefore I am a would-be terrorist."
07/07/2004: 7-7-07 Heinlein's birthday
07/06/2004: July 6, 1775: A Call to Arms
07/05/2004: A film that makes glass as tough as armor
07/04/2004: Spider-Man 2 and not giving spoilers
07/04/2004: Dogs that are really, really smart
07/02/2004: Freedom is not a &^%$#@! spectator sport
07/02/2004: Rant to come
07/02/2004: Bill Cosby once again tells it like it is
07/02/2004: Achtung! Independence Day advice
07/02/2004: My favorite president
07/01/2004: Matt Taibbi on the "courage" of journalists
07/01/2004: The Dogs of Hardyville (column at BHM)
06/30/2004: Questioning the Fed
06/30/2004: Coming to terms
06/30/2004: "Detention" decisions and lost liberties
06/29/2004: Mindboggling differences of viewpoint
06/29/2004: Orrin Hatch gets scarier by the minute
06/29/2004: Culture jammin'; it's in the tom toms
06/28/2004: Supremes do it again
06/28/2004: Spybusters tips
06/28/2004: Latest elite plan to control money and masses
06/28/2004: Friendly dog prevents mass killing
06/27/2004: Serenity "good guys" banner
06/27/2004: Range Report: M1 "Tanker" Garand
06/25/2004: "Somebody got it!" on SpaceShipOne
06/25/2004: Beat cops to access commercial databases for your personal info
06/25/2004: Adventures in backwoods engineering: shower building
06/24/2004: Humans as batteries
06/24/2004: Kafka answers questions about that most mysterious prison
06/24/2004: Who knew that getting f*ked by the justice system could be taken so literally?
06/24/2004: Lyn Nofziger
06/24/2004: An outrageous case of "dial 911 and die"
06/22/2004: Interview with Pacifica Radio (Radio Alchymy)
06/22/2004: SpaceShipOne with libertarian sign
06/22/2004: On a lighter (and larger) note ...
06/22/2004: Another "Z" of rebellion
06/21/2004: Cops and the people: "It's half-past Claire Wolfe"
06/21/2004: No right to the privacy of your name
06/20/2004: Transcendent moments
06/20/2004: Simon Jester in Zimbabwe
06/19/2004: Larken Rose arrested for kiddie porn
06/19/2004: Catch the coverage of Spaceship One
06/18/2004: Joel Miller book: Bad Trip
06/18/2004: Little Ladies' Lessons in the War on Terror
06/18/2004: Feminists4Firearms
06/18/2004: Homesteading Today
06/17/2004: Long-range stun guns for crowd control
06/17/2004: Thoughts on Trainspotting
06/17/2004: A surgical implant to change your mood
06/16/2004: Stars come out on cannabis
06/16/2004: Ted Nugent likes Innocents Betrayed
06/15/2004: Repairman Jack movie
06/15/2004: Speaking of silly news ...
06/15/2004: Victim addiction article
06/15/2004: Sunny days
06/15/2004: No Hardyville today
06/14/2004: What's in a name?
06/14/2004: Selling your fingerprints for a song
06/11/2004: Russmo on Reagan/Reagan as champion of gun control
06/10/2004: The Torture Memo
06/10/2004: Dogs understand language
06/09/2004: "RonTV: All Reagan, All the Time"
06/08/2004: Cloudy morning
06/08/2004: More on TIA
06/07/2004: TIA never died -- and YOU are now being profiled
06/07/2004: The fall of the NeoCons and revelations to come
06/06/2004: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
06/05/2004: Ronald Reagan is dead
06/05/2004: When you're really, really mad at government
06/05/2004: "Beating Specialist Baker"
06/03/2004: RFID Swastika
06/03/2004: Patriot Act used to persecute artists
06/03/2004: "Let's Go Fly a Kite" -- an alagory
06/02/2004: Citizens in space
06/02/2004: I love liberals!
06/02/2004: Drug ads evoke pro-drug thoughts. [Chortle!]
06/01/2004: My movie friend discovers Firefly
06/01/2004: Vin plugs The Freedom Outlaw's Handbook
06/01/2004: "Hardyville Does Drugs"
05/31/2004: Is GWB's gun legal?
05/31/2004: Ernie Hancock on the LP convention
05/31/2004: Cameras embedded in road dots
05/31/2004: Working on a film script
05/31/2004: Badnarik is the LP nominee
05/29/2004: One guy who really needs gun control
05/28/2004: Dave Davis on Israel
05/28/2004: 2.1 million imprisoned
05/28/2004: Camera-ban story untrue? But life imitates satire.
05/28/2004: Funny French label
05/27/2004: ATF screws some more innocents
05/27/2004: Fingerprints for ammo
05/27/2004: Pix from Switzerland
05/27/2004: More open-minded alternative to PayPal coming along
05/26/2004: Pet peeve: sport stadium names
05/26/2004: Prosecutor files for continuance in Hunter's concealed-carry case
05/26/2004: Identity and magical thinking
05/25/2004: Ian's Bureaucrash report from Switzerland
05/24/2004: Jeff "Hunter" Jordan case moved
05/24/2004: A Christian state -- not likely
05/24/2004: Where's the money for the freedom cause?
05/24/2004: Photos shock you? Ban the cameras! And get yourself more soldiers.
05/21/2004: Iraq torture
05/21/2004: Father and daughter actually helped by police
05/20/2004: "A Woman's Guide on How to Pee Standing Up"
05/20/2004: New "service" lets senders track e-mail right into your home
05/19/2004: Life with your subdermal implant
05/19/2004: Sweetie Pie in heat; Robbie in lust
05/19/2004: Speechless in a New Mexico school
05/19/2004: Talking toilets and the virtues of violence
05/19/2004: What to do instead of smashing a bureaucrat
05/18/2004: Cover art for the new book
05/18/2004: Shootout at the OK Blog
05/17/2004: "Getting Naked for Big Brother"
05/15/2004: And the winnah is ....
05/15/2004: A dream about petty tyranny
05/15/2004: Second gulching article up at Backwoods Home
05/14/2004: Lawful money tucked in a drawer
05/14/2004: Kerry ad to send Bush packing
05/13/2004: Desire to smash a bureaucrat
05/13/2004: Vin Suprynowicz writing a novel
05/12/2004: A banishment ritual for the powers of darkness
05/12/2004: Sheriff steals hundreds of guns -- and what else?
05/12/2004: Evil on every side
05/11/2004: Stalinist drones make crappy Americans
05/11/2004: Cover art for the book is in
05/10/2004: Cartoon: What America is sowing
05/10/2004: Not Nazi Germany
05/09/2004: Firefly Amazon link
05/09/2004: 40-foot fire-breathing robot
05/09/2004: Detroit woman kills attacker
05/09/2004: Government officials and "taking responsibility"
05/07/2004: The Iraq abuse photo I can't get out of my head
05/07/2004: CafePress & Bill St. Clair
05/07/2004: A wanderer's report from Israel
05/07/2004: Firefly movie/Did Fox deliberately destroy the series?
05/06/2004: Guns & abortion: Both matters of choice
05/06/2004: New book coming sooner than expected
05/06/2004: Firefly messages
05/06/2004: Under construction
05/04/2004: Firefly!
05/04/2004: The Prisoner's Village comes to America
05/03/2004: High gas prices driving people into corporate arms?
05/03/2004: Apprentice prostitutes needed
05/03/2004: Americans and British become the enemy
05/03/2004: Dominoes fall on touch-screen voting machines
05/03/2004: I need a wife
04/30/2004: Hunter to go to trial in May -- help still needed
04/30/2004: Hardyville Gulch column up at Backwoods Home
04/30/2004: RFID industry resorting to smears
04/30/2004: Ian on Mosin Nagants, bad scopes, & other matters
04/29/2004: Pigs in Space!
04/29/2004: Gitcher Gold!
04/29/2004: Anti-PETA, pro-Government
04/29/2004: Smuggled weapons, aren't.
04/28/2004: Ashcroft going after all our fun
04/28/2004: Fran Tully reports on the GWCII
04/28/2004: Not good news for FSPers on a budget
04/27/2004: Beating up old blind ladies
04/27/2004: Me at the Oscars
04/27/2004: Huge fine for failure to accept British national ID
04/26/2004: No ID? Come to the station for your biometrics check
04/26/2004: SSN-less woman fighting ticket for no drivers license
04/26/2004: Attacks on mobile radar vans
04/23/2004: "Smuggling Out of Hell"
04/22/2004: Woman who supplied coffin photo gets fired
04/22/2004: Sometimes it really is animal "rescue"
04/22/2004: Fallujah citizens turn in junk weapons
04/21/2004: Image from the Iraq war
04/21/2004: Firefly -- Whooee!
04/20/2004: IRS the privacy villain
04/20/2004: Verizon's ill-faith dealing with The Hunter goes on
04/19/2004: Fooling the fingerprint reader
04/19/2004: "American tradition of fairness to prisoners"
04/19/2004: April 19
04/16/2004: Miss Fitz, Part IV, now online
04/15/2004: Happy April Fools Day -- and an Offer
04/13/2004: Here comes the "smart gun"
04/13/2004: Cop assassinates rival
04/12/2004: Owning my own mind
04/11/2004: Post-Easter target shooting with Peeps
04/11/2004: Home from my travels
04/02/2004: Eminent Domain
04/02/2004: Girls Strip Searched at School
04/01/2004: Greenspan heart attack rumors
04/01/2004: Miss Fitz' Guide to Guns, Part III
04/01/2004: A little good news on the RFID front
04/01/2004: Low Gas Prices Illegal in 35 States
03/31/2004: Domestic spy agency in the making/time to gulch
03/31/2004: Backpacking tips from Ian
03/30/2004: I owe some thanks
03/30/2004: Verizon fires Hunter
03/30/2004: Government Encouraging Mad Cow?
03/29/2004: So much bad news, butthat's not the whole picture....
03/27/2004: Nearly finished with the new book
03/27/2004: Drug cops need to get a life
03/26/2004: Judicial conflicts of interest
03/26/2004: More on dihydrogen monoxide
03/25/2004: The annual IRS follies
03/25/2004: German economy in bigger trouble than we thought
03/24/2004: "Confessions of a Libertarian Polygamist"
03/24/2004: Ian McCollum: More on that FAL
03/24/2004: Truth: A long, immoderate rant
03/23/2004: Amtrak "security"
03/23/2004: Lisa Dean as TSA privacy officer????
03/22/2004: "Homeland security" on the schoolbus
03/22/2004: Ah, hypocrisy!
03/22/2004: Background check folly
03/19/2004: Dave Gross looks back on his year of legal tax resistance
03/19/2004: First virus that infects without opening attachments
03/18/2004: "For the geezers"
03/18/2004: Volunteers in NH town must submit to drug tests
03/17/2004: "... they've received only bullets ..."
03/17/2004: Selective draft coming -- only for the skilled?
03/16/2004: Actors posing as journalists
03/16/2004: Miss Fitz's Gun Guide, Part II (shopping for a sidearm)
03/16/2004: Feds want new web-tapping powers
03/15/2004: Charging the innocent for the years they were wrongly imprisoned
03/15/2004: Freedom and that "getting it" moment
03/12/2004: Thank goodness Bush trusts the people ;-)
03/12/2004: Sunni sez she ain't no feminist
03/11/2004: Sunni weighs in against the "FairTax"
03/11/2004: Explosions in Spain & how terrorists are like governments
03/10/2004: Pix of the little flag pledgers (if you want to understand the real origins and implications)
03/10/2004: Jester Jones!
03/10/2004: Eagle Scout project: jury rights
03/09/2004: Wash Your Hands
03/09/2004: Military expands role in domestic syping
03/08/2004: "Free the SEC One"
03/08/2004: Ian McCollum celebrates Evil Black Rifle Day
03/07/2004: How hard can GWB smack conservatives and get away with it?
03/07/2004: New Carner TV movie airs Monday, March 8
03/07/2004: Letter writing campaign for Hunter
03/05/2004: How to guard against remote bugging
03/05/2004: National sales tax will make us all welfare weenies
03/05/2004: Optimism on beating back RFID chips in products
03/04/2004: Argeninian mayor says farmers should gun down thieves
03/04/2004: John Kerry a hypocrite on privacy
03/04/2004: "Uncle Mike" -- Waking kids up to their loss of freedom
03/04/2004: Tracking pre-paid cellular calls
03/03/2004: A death sentence (and a tormented death, at that) for cutting a neighbor with a soda can
03/03/2004: Stossel's "Confessions of a Welfare Queen"
03/02/2004: Senate votes against more "gun control"
03/02/2004: Innocents Betrayed wins a Telly
03/02/2004: "Miss Fitz Buys a Gun, Part I"
03/01/2004: Do you have to identify yourself any time a cop insists?
03/01/2004: NRA says it's not going to compromise on ugly-gun ban extension
03/01/2004: Government and marriage
02/28/2004: Robert Higgs rewrites the 10 Commandments
02/27/2004: Apricot decadence
02/27/2004: Deadlining while the world goes by/Ramona Miller/R-Party sellout
02/27/2004: Drugs are OK, until you're no longer useful.
02/26/2004: "Passion" jewelry and mugs
02/24/2004: Trading immunity for the AW ban?
02/24/2004: Sam Konkin is dead
02/24/2004: "And Then There Were None" online
02/23/2004: Six months in prison for selling drug-free urine
02/23/2004: Registered voter = mega-data
02/23/2004: Fran Tully starts a blog
02/22/2004: Ian on Mojo Sights for low-end rifles
02/22/2004: Oh, pity the poor taxers!
02/20/2004: David Codrea under criminal investigation -- for writing a letter
02/20/2004: Escaping the job trap and the art of nothing
02/19/2004: Tests Show Dogs are Almost Human
02/19/2004: States combat obesity with laws
02/19/2004: Washington Backs Off Peace Protesters
02/18/2004: Second Amendment Sisters also marching on Mothers Day
02/18/2004: The bodhran and other elemental stuff
02/17/2004: Debra fixed the blog
02/17/2004: Those "million" moms are at it again
02/17/2004: Fed prosecutor sues the Ashcroft Justice Department
02/15/2004: Hardyville Beginner's Guide to Encrypt--n
02/13/2004: Are your Networking-mad friends "outing" you?
02/12/2004: Some of my best friends are moles
02/11/2004: Man to be fined $10,000 for shopping, going to church, etc.?
02/11/2004: Diogenes on living well
02/11/2004: Dave Gross on living morally and ethically
02/10/2004: Guns & Dope Party and self defense
02/10/2004: No Tolerance = No Brains
02/10/2004: Pot ordered returned to pair
02/09/2004: The best fake ID
02/09/2004: Want to know what your drivers license barcode says about you?
02/09/2004: Americans turning against Bush?
02/09/2004: Campaign to Demilitarize the Police
02/06/2004: Go to prison for lying about your address?
02/06/2004: Kennewick Man okayed for anthropological study
02/06/2004: Porkus Federalus
02/05/2004: Best summary of the RFID issue
02/05/2004: Mental quicksand
02/03/2004: Outsourcing gummint
02/03/2004: Dogs on PBS
02/03/2004: Granny packin' heat
02/02/2004: Seeing what isn't/missing what is
02/02/2004: Super Super Bowl
02/02/2004: Politicians and the MATRIX
02/02/2004: Why you don't want to be a columnist
02/01/2004: New article, new forum
01/31/2004: In case you still think your vote matters ...
01/30/2004: The B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T. Act
01/30/2004: Hunter indicted
01/29/2004: Naked air
01/29/2004: Update on Sweetie Pie
01/29/2004: Scenarios of radical living
01/28/2004: Good cheer after travel restrictions
01/27/2004: Closing the barricades on travel
01/27/2004: Academy Award nominations
01/26/2004: And speaking of privacy ...
01/26/2004: So much for Howard Dean
01/24/2004: The REAL reason Bush wants us on the moon
01/23/2004: Jim Davidson arrested
01/23/2004: E-mail scam from "Department of Homeland Security"
01/23/2004: We have all the freedoms we ever had (aka photographing federal buildings)
01/23/2004: Update on Sweetie Pie the doberman
01/23/2004: Google-bombing in the NYT
01/22/2004: Jim Bovard debates David Frum
01/22/2004: Janklow goes to jail
01/22/2004: Willmette, IL, homeowner eloquently defends shooting burglar
01/22/2004: In defense of the almanac
01/21/2004: "Militarization of space"
01/21/2004: Nobody running against Ron Paul
01/21/2004: My state of the union speech
01/21/2004: NASA and phrenology
01/20/2004: Lie-detector glasses?
01/20/2004: More reasons to get to the moon
01/20/2004: Now it's NASA and the Census Bureau
01/19/2004: New addition to the family (Sweetie Pie)
01/19/2004: Big Brother in churches
01/19/2004: Robert E. Lee Day
01/18/2004: Northwest finally admits giving records to NASA
01/17/2004: Monkeywrenching loyalty-card programs
01/17/2004: Economic predictions & analyses
01/16/2004: Ho hum. DC gun ban legal
01/16/2004: "Skeptic gives guns a shot"
01/16/2004: "Scared, Trigger-Happy Young Males"
01/16/2004: Lifesaving webcam
01/15/2004: "Do it your way"
01/15/2004: New book National Identification Systems: Essays in Opposition
01/15/2004: Ashcroft and Bovard come to Hardyville
01/14/2004: Update on unauthorized articles posted by Mega Publisher
01/14/2004: Cross the border -- show your tax returns
01/14/2004: A moment of perspective
01/12/2004: Message from an American who lived through Nazi occupation
01/12/2004: Declan's got it all
01/12/2004: "Nazis Creep Me Out" by Dave Gross
01/12/2004: A new twist on piracy
01/12/2004: Tracking teens by cellphone
01/10/2004: Ohio cops play cop tricks on Hunter again
01/10/2004: Good articles in Loompanics main 2004 catalog
01/09/2004: Join the escort for Hunter
01/09/2004: Ohio gets concealed carry
01/09/2004: Federal courts with secret dockets
01/09/2004: Stupid "security" making us less safe
01/09/2004: Bush to moon and Mars
01/08/2004: Simkanin guilty
01/08/2004: Sunni discussing Hunter's case on the radio
01/07/2004: Is Friendster the new TIA?
01/06/2004: The Ohio media do right by Hunter
01/06/2004: Letters for Hunter
01/06/2004: Guess which substance gets banned?
01/05/2004: Even better, from OWK
01/05/2004: The Hanover Street Shoeshine Boys
01/05/2004: Scott Bieser on our rights in Ohio
01/05/2004: Killing a dog
01/05/2004: U.S. to fund secret police in Iraq
01/04/2004: HEMPhasis
01/04/2004: More stuff Hunter needs
01/04/2004: Ordering Pizza in 2010
01/03/2004: Help Jeff "Hunter" Jordan, Knight of Non-Aggression
01/02/2004: Hunter, a great friend of liberty, has been arrested
01/02/2004: ANOTHER reason why a national sales tax is such a horrible idea
01/02/2004: A doctor's op-ed on mad cow disease
01/01/2004: I'm guilty of malicious misrepresentation!
01/01/2004: Hardyville's New Year's Res-Illusions
01/01/2004: There's always some way to resist
12/31/2003: Weird world: Iran earthquake and downer cows
12/31/2003: Eff Off (Oy, the temptation to say it!)
12/31/2003: Help with goal setting
12/30/2003: Mr. Clean: Terrorist
12/30/2003: A small rant about companies who think we're dumb
12/30/2003: FBI: Be on alert for ... almanacs
12/29/2003: A TV series on the Dept. of Homeland Security?
12/29/2003: Saying NO to a social security number for baby
12/26/2003: Mad-cow paranoia
12/26/2003: Brazil bans private ownership of firearms
12/26/2003: Karen de Coster on money matters
12/25/2003: Christmas goodies
12/24/2003: Should Santa be term-limited?
12/24/2003: FSP ad in South Carolina
12/23/2003: "Your silence is appreciated"
12/23/2003: Anniversary of the federal reserve system
12/23/2003: Writer hell
12/22/2003: Emerson on heroism
12/21/2003: The trial run for nationwide people-tracking
12/21/2003: So what do we do about orange?
12/20/2003: Help against despair
12/20/2003: PETA is really evil
12/19/2003: Give Me Liberty 2004 -- Don't believe it!
12/19/2003: Important thoughts on nerds, society, artificiality, rebellion ...
12/18/2003: A little justice for American citizens in the War on Freedom
12/18/2003: "Return of the King"
12/18/2003: SpaceShipOne goes supersonic
12/17/2003: PETA is evil
12/17/2003: The new $20 bills and the underground economy
12/16/2003: Government plays word games, tyranny games, over denial of counsel
12/16/2003: Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party
12/15/2003: Bovard on "Free-Speech Zones"
12/15/2003: Happy Bill of Rights Day!
12/15/2003: Newest Hardyville column up
12/15/2003: What to say about Saddam
12/14/2003: Charity for the holidays
12/13/2003: The Wal-Mart you don't know
12/12/2003: Army orders soldiers to kill their puppy
12/11/2003: Spotlight on intellectual property
12/11/2003: Chrismukah
12/11/2003: Jim Bovard, Intellectual Property
12/11/2003: Shocking malpractice in nursery rhymes
12/10/2003: Underground cigarette wars
12/10/2003: Elian's family sues + Aha! This explains everything
12/09/2003: Thinking about principles
12/09/2003: Sexual abuse an "occupational hazard" for priests?
12/08/2003: Janklow guilty!
12/08/2003: Galileo and CAPPS II
12/08/2003: Everything there is to say about intellectual property
12/08/2003: Anniversary of John Lennon's death/reflections on art
12/07/2003: Whitfield Diffie hacks an RFID badge
12/07/2003: Anger
12/05/2003: Are Cops Constitutional?
12/04/2003: Smart guns = radio-frequency control?
12/04/2003: 101 Things is contraband?
12/04/2003: A physician's commentary of Terry Schindler (Schiavo)
12/03/2003: Taurus boycott
12/02/2003: Aaron Russo is running for president
12/02/2003: Working on a movie script
12/02/2003: Another reflection on the Supremes' rejection of Silveira
12/01/2003: Silveira denied cert.
12/01/2003: Sam Smith apologizes to younger Americans
12/01/2003: Santa's stocking stuffer column up at BHM
11/28/2003: Why that missing thing in "Return of the King" is so important
11/27/2003: Decadent Potato Casserole
11/27/2003: "Obesity" = "Terrorism"
11/26/2003: LOTR - ROTK - Damn!
11/26/2003: Things to be thankful for
11/25/2003: Gun banner wants family murdered ... slowly
11/25/2003: Bovard on Terrorism and Tyranny
11/24/2003: "Can America Trust Electronic Voting?"
11/24/2003: No rock to hide under: Expansion of the Patriot Act
11/23/2003: Silence is Health
11/23/2003: I knit a sock
11/21/2003: VeriPay implanted chip for buying and selling
11/20/2003: When did the president become an oriental potentate?
11/20/2003: Seccession in Vermont
11/19/2003: Maunderings on leadership
11/19/2003: ML Seymour on sniggles, tricksters, freeway blogging and Simon Jester
11/18/2003: "Improved" airport body scanner
11/17/2003: Y'all Betta Learn Southron
11/17/2003: Legislation that's classified?
11/16/2003: Hardyville gets a red-light camera
11/16/2003: A little catching up with news
11/14/2003: Another brilliant example of gummint education
11/14/2003: National Ammo Week
11/13/2003: "what is your feelings about Gun Control?"
11/13/2003: Gore (Vidal) on Bush
11/13/2003: Yay! Finally a political party that makes sense!
11/13/2003: More financial searches without court orders
11/12/2003: Chips for the brain
11/12/2003: Nat Hentoff on Terri Schindler (Schiavo)
11/11/2003: Banner for Terri Schindler
11/11/2003: Wal-Mart turns customers into guinea pigs once again
11/11/2003: "BoonDoggle Afoot"
11/10/2003: The Meatrix
11/10/2003: Just when you think the drug war can't reach another new low
11/09/2003: Roy Lucas, attorney on Silveira v. Lockyer dies
11/09/2003: AnarchoBabes and LibertyChix!
11/09/2003: Dean turns down tax-paid, government controlled campaign funding
11/07/2003: The self-editing brain
11/07/2003: A New Organization
11/06/2003: "Reasonable" New York gun control
11/06/2003: Al Quaeda warns Muslims to leave major U.S. cities
11/06/2003: Something wrong in the Free State Project?
11/05/2003: Flashing your headlights is protected speech
11/05/2003: The Onion nails it again
11/05/2003: DoD recruiting for local draft board members
11/04/2003: "The Law in Hardyville"
11/04/2003: Polite non-cooperation with the police
11/03/2003: Senate passes $87 billion Iraq package
11/03/2003: Seven Myths of Gun Control
11/03/2003: The Corner Shot
11/01/2003: "Pandering to the NRA" -- NOT!
10/31/2003: Happy American Halloween
10/30/2003: Yay! Hey! The message boards are back!
10/30/2003: Let's have some good news on speed cameras and speed traps
10/30/2003: When the cockroaches take over the world ...
10/29/2003: Simon Jester in the air?
10/29/2003: Progress on Message Board
10/28/2003: John Walker: "The Digital Imprimatur"
10/28/2003: Helplessness
10/28/2003: The Ministry of Truth is HQ'd in the White House
10/25/2003: Female libertarians
10/25/2003: The drive-by vigilante
10/24/2003: The Nanny State and the Fat Police team up
10/24/2003: Osama bin Heatwole
10/23/2003: Violence sweeping Sydney, Australia
10/23/2003: Signing a contract for a new book
10/23/2003: The world: mad or sane?
10/22/2003: Students and civil disobedience against Diebold's faulty e-voting machines
10/22/2003: Hardyville returns!
10/22/2003: Terri Schindler-Schiavo videos
10/21/2003: Two quick updates about the holiday autographed book sale
10/21/2003: FMN's picks of the day
10/21/2003: What is it with this "obesity" business, anyway?
10/21/2003: Ooooooh, such a pity ...
10/20/2003: Sunni Maravillosa reviews "Innocents Betrayed"
10/20/2003: A wnole new way of generating electricity + laser weapons
10/18/2003: Message boards may be down for a while
10/18/2003: "Yes, you can work without an SSN"
10/18/2003: Pay for the Patriot Act?
10/17/2003: Firefly Fans
10/17/2003: Hooray for the Patriot Act?
10/17/2003: Rebuttal to Kopel on Silveira v. Lockyer
10/17/2003: "Runaway Jury" = runaway movie
10/16/2003: The "gee-whiz" factor -- a big part of RFID mania
10/16/2003: Playing the right like a piano
10/15/2003: Big Brother in the bar and on the street corner
10/15/2003: More on the NRA wanting to register guns
10/14/2003: NRA attorney calls for registration of handguns?
10/14/2003: A better way to put your money into space
10/14/2003: What Rush would say if Clinton were the drug addict
10/13/2003: Buy a plot of land on the moon
10/12/2003: Possible help for depression
10/12/2003: Permit to carry concealed nail clippers
10/11/2003: What keeps the Matrix going?
10/10/2003: RIAA wants ID for internet access?
10/10/2003: Western free state movement grows
10/10/2003: NRA reps want more people forbidden to buy guns
10/09/2003: National Depression Screening Day
10/09/2003: VeriChip introduces reader for building access
10/09/2003: Tom Ridge on the Patriot Act PR Trail
10/08/2003: Courageous Integrity
10/07/2003: Gun Nut ice cream
10/07/2003: JetBlue, CAPPS II, and Gen. Wesley Clark, too?
10/06/2003: A most cynical use of the Declaration of Independence
10/06/2003: Cthulu in 2004
10/06/2003: The No-State Project
10/06/2003: Government just doesn't like the competition
10/06/2003: "Therapy Culture and Counterculture"
10/05/2003: Very funny conversation about guns
10/05/2003: Attacking journalists with federal anti-terrorism law
10/04/2003: James Bovard on keeping us "safe"
10/04/2003: Jobs for the free
10/03/2003: The totally uncompromising libertarian community
10/02/2003: I STILL support the one and only FSP!
10/02/2003: FSP detailed results available in The Quill/New Western FSP
10/02/2003: Rush Limbaugh: Dope Fiend
10/01/2003: FSP: "And the winner is ..."
09/30/2003: JetBlue and the Pentagon aren't the only culprits
09/30/2003: Busheviks. I stand corrected
09/30/2003: More on frying those chips
09/29/2003: VeriChip marketing subdermal ID chip to federal agencies
09/28/2003: Editorial: Ashcroft is a false patriot
09/28/2003: Micropiece (free-market anarchism as seen from the counter of a truck stop)
09/27/2003: Creepy investigative service
09/27/2003: The three-day Internetless blues
09/27/2003: IRS "considering" sharing your personal info
09/26/2003: Bad News
09/25/2003: More Computer Security "Concerns"
09/24/2003: Sara Paretsky on free speech and the Un-Patriot Act
09/24/2003: Switzerland considers gun registration
09/23/2003: "To Those Government Agents Who Read My Email"
09/23/2003: Government lies about how awful the Un-Patriot Act really is
09/23/2003: Hitler the happy homeowner
09/21/2003: Full review: Matthew Bracken's Enemies Foreign and Domestic
09/20/2003: Enemies Foreign and Domestic has arrived
09/18/2003: Nat Hentoff's new book on the Bill of Rights
09/18/2003: You might as well fly naked
09/17/2003: ClaireFiles Forum Back Onlin
09/17/2003: The Nannies Are On a Roll!
09/16/2003: The wisdom of Gen. Wesley Clark
09/16/2003: Forum Issues
09/16/2003: LOL: Government can't even do marijuana right
09/16/2003: RFID=1984 (and protest in Chicago)
09/15/2003: Announcing (for privacy in purchasing)
09/15/2003: Yellowstone heating up
09/13/2003: Dead dogs
09/12/2003: Those madcap Brits are at it again
09/12/2003: Free-market counterprotests at WTO
09/11/2003: The helpless ones
09/11/2003: 9-11 + 2
09/11/2003: "Innocents Betrayed" has arrived
09/10/2003: More on CASPIAN RFID protest
09/09/2003: Wolfe's Extreeeemly Tight Guideline
09/09/2003: Alienation (discussion on message board)
09/08/2003: White racist endorses hispanic racist
09/08/2003: The incredible shrinking candy bar
09/08/2003: $87 billion for two wars
09/07/2003: Urgent! Help CASPIAN help privacy and gun rights
09/06/2003: Searching for Patty Neill
09/06/2003: More on the dangerous beauties of Yellowstone.
09/06/2003: chips and bullets
09/05/2003: It's working!
09/05/2003: Monkeywrenching assignment
09/05/2003: Advice needed on new hosting service
09/04/2003: ID for Teens
09/04/2003: Shooting and "verbal compliance"
09/03/2003: Temporary difficulties
09/03/2003: Project ChildSafe begins national rollout
09/02/2003: Back from the LRT conclave
08/28/2003: Back just in time to disappear again
08/28/2003: Back!
08/25/2003: Microsoft acting like the government
08/24/2003: Apologies to Delaware
08/23/2003: Free State balloting
08/23/2003: Homeland security is now a capital-I Industry
08/22/2003: "John Ashcroft is Coming to Town"
08/22/2003: More on "Homeless Management"
08/21/2003: Homeless Information Management System
08/21/2003: Bill of Rights to Nome/"Victory Act"
08/20/2003: Cop group comes out in favor of complete drug decriminalization
08/20/2003: Davy Crockett vs. welfare
08/20/2003: The banker's butt
08/18/2003: Truth-telling and the fact that some people are better than others
08/18/2003: The incredible shrinking vacation
08/16/2003: Puncturing all the politically correct passion about "The Passion"
08/15/2003: RFID Spoofing
08/13/2003: Cherokee Cabin Company
08/11/2003: Murderers and the animals who love them
08/10/2003: Mike Hawash pleads guilty
08/10/2003: Tiny town says no to the Patriot Act
08/10/2003: IRS loses a big one
08/09/2003: Pirates of the Caribbean
08/09/2003: USPS to monitor all mail?
08/08/2003: Credit-card article in Backwoods Home (and small cabin plans)
08/08/2003: More thoughts while tiling the floor (earthy things)
08/06/2003: MATRIX replaces TIA
08/05/2003: I get lost in the woods
08/04/2003: Thoughts while tiling the floor (volcanos)
08/04/2003: TSA admits to having political no-fly list
07/31/2003: Extracting DNA from a fingerpring
07/30/2003: Advancing SSN encroachment/pilot program
07/30/2003: Private file-swapping networks
07/30/2003: Protecting you against terrorism, part infinitum
07/29/2003: Pentogon gets into "assassination politics" -- in the name of terror prevention
07/28/2003: More on protecting data
07/27/2003: Cures for hard-drive detection
07/27/2003: SWAT team hand signals :-)
07/25/2003: How hard-drive detectives get your info
07/24/2003: Congress beginning to repudiate the Patriot Act?
07/24/2003: Front Porch Sitting by Sean Scallon
07/23/2003: Free-market pharmaceuticals
07/22/2003: Symantec's "Internet Security" blocks pro-gun sites
07/22/2003: FSP: A magnanimous gesture from the New Hampshire-ites
07/22/2003: Hatch and NRA trying to derail Second-Amendment challenge?
07/21/2003: Snoop cams on airplanes
07/18/2003: The Bambi Principle
07/18/2003: The California massacre story you didn't read
07/18/2003: The FBI's idea of terrorism
07/17/2003: A plan to place a "stamp tax" on your currency
07/17/2003: New CW article on Backwoods Home
07/17/2003: Ironies of "privacy protection"
07/16/2003: Her dog Spot -- and a hopeful revoltion by the lunatic fringe
07/14/2003: Invasion of the Crawdads
07/14/2003: Enemies Foreign and Domestic coming soon
07/13/2003: Law enforcers raid farm & kill livestock
07/10/2003: Witticisms of mass destruction
07/10/2003: Reducing income tax to zero -- legally
07/09/2003: Homeland Security going after child molesters and more
07/09/2003: Karen de Coster on the twentysomething male
07/09/2003: UN Gun-ban program failing so far
07/09/2003: A NUKE-U-LER disaster
07/08/2003: Who serves the database?
07/07/2003: GIA: Government Information Awareness
07/07/2003: I effing hate passive aggressives!
07/07/2003: CASPIAN discovers insecure security on RFID site
07/04/2003: Happy Independence Day
07/03/2003: Molest citizens for fun and profit
07/02/2003: Cops to do medical checks on drivers?
07/02/2003: I shoulda known the NRA was behind it!
07/02/2003: Basketball players shooting basketball players
07/01/2003: "Risk-free" self-defense in Harry Potter
07/01/2003: Court invalidates DEA rule on hemp products
06/29/2003: eBay: Freelance arm of the law
06/29/2003: The dog ate my SSN research
06/27/2003: Geoslavery
06/27/2003: Strom Thurmond dead
06/26/2003: Armed, and safer, Iraqis
06/26/2003: Mark Twain's encounter with a jangling jingle
06/26/2003: The perils of secret evidence
06/25/2003: "Cats" as mind control or modern meme
06/25/2003: Losing an airliner
06/25/2003: Harry Potter: Libertarian
06/24/2003: The Number You Have Reached is Not in Service...
06/23/2003: Gary Marbut's second privacy/monkeywrenching tip
06/23/2003: FBI and RIAA to be co-enforcers?
06/21/2003: A symptom of our national thought-warp
06/20/2003: New Hampshire and the FSP
06/20/2003: Orrin ought to be careful about opening his Hatch
06/20/2003: Harry Potter Day
06/17/2003: Free State Project membership passes 4,000
06/17/2003: The Patriot Act enhances freedom
06/17/2003: Discussion about mindset
06/16/2003: Anti-Drug War pitch from an unexpected source
06/14/2003: "Innocents Betrayed": A bonfire of horrors
06/13/2003: Vermont carry in Alaska
06/13/2003: Sunni Maravillosa on Cronehood
06/13/2003: Standardized testing standoff
06/12/2003: RAVE Act: Legislating away both fun and free speech
06/12/2003: An SSN privacy tip from Gary Marbut
06/12/2003: Prepaid ISP service not so private
06/09/2003: The Grand and Glorious Claire Files Message Board
06/09/2003: U.S. extends hegemony over the Internet
06/08/2003: God, what do you really think?
06/08/2003: For the love of dogs
06/06/2003: WSJ on scandals & resignations at the NYT
06/05/2003: Gun-banners' doublethink
06/05/2003: Ed Rosenthal freed!
06/05/2003: Cute Safeway Card trick!
06/05/2003: Frankenrangers blog
06/04/2003: CIA Developing digital technology to snoop through digital photos
06/03/2003: In case you'Big Mac or Big Brother
06/03/2003: More on LifeLog
06/03/2003: Wyoming is the most wealth-friendly
06/03/2003: Patriot Act used to grab millions from banks -- without any suspicion of terrorism
06/03/2003: Alan Bock on living a principled life
06/02/2003: FSP Grand Western Confernece Part II (Recreated after server crash)
06/02/2003: My Web hosting service has an OOOPS
05/28/2003: Anti-Fifth Amendment ruling will lead to torture
05/28/2003: First report from Free State Project Grand Western Conference
05/28/2003: Worldwide Idiocy on Toy Guns
05/22/2003: Off to the FSP GWC
05/21/2003: Funny but sad
05/20/2003: LifeLog (And you thought TIA was creepy!)
05/20/2003: Total Information Awareness gets a makeover
05/20/2003: Why didn't the Jews fight back?
05/20/2003: Possible black market for "matricula consular"?
05/19/2003: Me, the Spam Queen?
05/17/2003: Foiling RIAA abuse
05/17/2003: Woman dies after wrong-house flash-bang raid
05/17/2003: The Rocket Scientist reviews "The Matrix Reloaded"
05/16/2003: First test of human-implanted GPS chip
05/16/2003: The F-Scale authoritarian personality test
05/16/2003: Beauty treatments or mutilations? It's all in your way of thinking about it.
05/15/2003: Sunni Maravillosa reviews "The Matrix Reloaded"
05/15/2003: Jayson Blair joins Bush administration
05/15/2003: Texas Democrats flee to Oklahoma -- Homeland Security is on the Case
05/15/2003: Eclipse superstition
05/15/2003: The Matrix Reloaded (no, I haven't seen it yet)
05/13/2003: Monkeys with typewriters
05/10/2003: Mobs attacking pets in China
05/10/2003: Physician non-disclosure request
05/09/2003: Bush: The next Dukakis?
05/09/2003: Hello to a friendly blogger
05/09/2003: Data Entry Folks, Take Note ...
05/08/2003: Preparing to D-U-M-P RFID
05/07/2003: Buglars need protection from violent victims
05/07/2003: Your money's no good at Saks
05/07/2003: RFID chips to contain a "kill" switch
05/06/2003: Not purity, but priority
05/05/2003: Wonderful, glorious dogs
05/05/2003: TV Turn-Off Week
05/05/2003: Two women, one checked firearm, and the TSA
05/04/2003: Panama in a Nutshell
05/03/2003: Moral uplifters and other scum
05/03/2003: O, Canada
05/02/2003: Common-sense security for activist groups
05/02/2003: Open-source lip-reading software
05/02/2003: Like father, like son on "gun control"
05/02/2003: What's a few billion between friends?
05/02/2003: NRA has Free State Project member arrested
05/01/2003: When stores don't want you to defend yourself
04/30/2003: ... And then they came for the lawyers ...
04/30/2003: Australian refugee detention camps
04/30/2003: Laissez Faire City auction
04/29/2003: Jeff Bezos in Space!
04/29/2003: Kevin Tuma on the spoils of war
04/28/2003: Mike Hawash finally arrested
04/28/2003: Article on how to disappear
04/28/2003: Sabotage manual
04/28/2003: Tacoma, WA police chief shoots wife & self
04/27/2003: IRS reform: Son of the Bride of the Return of, the Sequel, Part VIII
04/27/2003: An encryption option if your friends don't encrypt
04/27/2003: Government targets "them" instead of "us"
04/25/2003: Indefinite detention for asylum-seeking aliens
04/24/2003: Ron Paul: How difficult to be a man of principle
04/22/2003: Schumer, Feinstein, GWB love fest
04/22/2003: Private space flight
04/22/2003: Tales from the encrypt
04/22/2003: Small town Big Brother
04/21/2003: Cabinet appointments
04/21/2003: Was an oil pipeline behind 9-11?
04/16/2003: You GO, Manitoba! (And Alberta and Saskatchwan, too)
04/16/2003: Homeland Security Dept. and DoubleClick: Whotta Team!
04/16/2003: Cato on the U.S. tax system
04/16/2003: What federal agents do on a slow day
04/15/2003: The fedgov's aim is improving all the time (Kevin Tuma)
04/12/2003: Bush administration backs Clinton-era gun ban
04/12/2003: I don't care about your sexual orientation
04/12/2003: Vets shamefully abused by their government
04/12/2003: Thomas Jefferson's birthday
04/11/2003: Tax-resistance on the left
04/11/2003: If you pay for it, you're endorsing it in the most meaningful way
04/11/2003: "Hitler" executive producer fired for stating the obvious
04/10/2003: On the reconstruction of Iraq
04/10/2003: If you still file (and owe) taxes on April 15, don't forget ...
04/10/2003: Stop asking questions
04/10/2003: R-Party wants Patriot Act made permanent
04/09/2003: Have you ever noticed ...?
04/09/2003: Who cares about Mike Hawash?
04/08/2003: New anthology from Doing Freedom!
04/08/2003: ACLU tackles Florida for violating drivers' privacy
04/07/2003: Baths and baptisms: What would Jesus do?
04/07/2003: A book on making things go boom
04/06/2003: Instructions for sending hate mail
04/06/2003: Chemical "weapon" is actually antidote?
04/04/2003: So who's more tolerant?
04/04/2003: SARS and Ebola: Detective work Hollywood couldn't match
04/03/2003: A touching story from Iraq
04/03/2003: In case of hacking ...
04/03/2003: Bill of Rights Security Edition
04/03/2003: Tulia, Texas overturns mass drug convictions
04/01/2003: TV and the Patriot Act
04/01/2003: What should the U.S.' role be in foreign affairs
04/01/2003: The virtues of mispelling
03/31/2003: War on drugs in Liberty Action of the Week
03/31/2003: Something to add to your preparedness kit
03/31/2003: My cabin sweet cabin
03/30/2003: Why Al-Jazeera matters
03/29/2003: But what if all those countries learned to love the Bill of Rights?
03/29/2003: Should the U.S. government depose every tyrant?
03/28/2003: A man of principle lasts one hour on the bench
03/28/2003: Here, have a spare identity
03/28/2003: Aaron Zelman is a Man of Honor
03/27/2003: Testing the 'Blog
03/27/2003: Bush policy: Journalists are government PR vehicles
03/27/2003: If the goal were really the liberation of Iraq ...
03/26/2003: DO SOMETHING -- Gloriously
03/26/2003: Arms alone won't make you free
03/26/2003: A word for heretics, "domestic terrorists," and other enemies of the state
03/26/2003: Accuracy in the FBI database? Why bother?
03/24/2003: Next year at the Oscars
03/24/2003: From the U.S. Department of Laughs
03/24/2003: Cause of global warming -- the sun???
03/23/2003: Best war blogs
03/20/2003: Patriotic dissent
03/19/2003: Blitzkrieg Iraq
03/17/2003: Upcoming appearance
03/17/2003: SURPRISE! Federal agencies sloppy with SSNs
03/16/2003: FIRE guides for college students
03/16/2003: Alternative ID
03/16/2003: Just in it for the money
03/15/2003: How easy it is to brainwash somebody
03/15/2003: Losing my Bloginity

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