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04/27/2003 Archived Entry: "An encryption option if your friends don't encrypt"

AN ENCRYPTION OPTION IF YOUR FRIENDS DON'T ENCRYPT? Ken Holder over at Webley Web Works sends this encryption alternate: Zixmail.com.

Zixmail's big advantage is that your friends don't have to learn encyrption. They pick their messages up on the Web with a special code. Sort of like picking up a Web-based greeting card. Zixmail's disadvantage -- and it's a biggie -- is that it costs $50 per year for you to subscribe and send messages. Receiving is free.

At $50 annually, you really have to want to get those private messages out. Alternative: Every encryptor persuades at least one friend to adopt encryption & offers to serve as a guide and guinea pig for the friend's Learning Experiences. I had fun with that just the other evening. I guinea-pigged a bit, but Tenacious Correspondent figured PGP out for himself in a couple of hours. Now one more adaptable, freedom-loving soul is stoked up to get his family members on PGP and ... exchange those cookie recipes!

Posted by Claire @ 11:00 AM CST

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