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04/27/2003 Archived Entry: "IRS reform: Son of the Bride of the Return of, the Sequel, Part VIII"

MAYBE I SPOKE TOO SOON WHEN I SAID "THEY" WEREN'T AFTER "US" RIGHT THIS MINUTE. OTOH, maybe this most recent get-tough blather about the IRS really is just blather. Sure do like these odds, though:

Although the IRS has about 100,000 employees and an annual budget that will top $10 billion if the administration's current request is approved, Rossotti said late last year that 60 percent of identified tax debts are not pursued, 75 percent of taxpayers who did not file a return are not pursued, 79 percent of those who used abusive devises such as offshore bank accounts to hide income are not pursued. And the agency's statistics show that the chances of being audited have fallen to around 1 in 200 for individuals.

Posted by Claire @ 11:18 AM CST

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