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07/13/2006 Archived Entry: "Celata fundraising auction #1 is LIVE"

OKAY, GUYS. GET THOSE BIDS READY. Our first eBay auction to raise funds for Richard Celata and his family has just gone live.

This one is for a fat package of goodies from JPFO: tee-shirt, lapel pin, DVD, novel (autographed!) -- AND membership in the Producers' Circle for the upcoming film, The Gang: Using the Law to Destroy Your Freedom and Security. Total value: more than $300. Go!

And all you gun-bloggers, if you want to pick this announcement up and run with it, you go, too!

P.S. It's too late to get it into the auction listing (you can't change eBay copy once bidding has begun), but Aaron wanted us to note that the Producer's Circle membership for The Gang includes a DVD copy of the finished movie and a copy of the third edition of Gateway to Tyranny, which is soon going to press. So that part of the auction package will bring the winner more than just fame & glory. ;-)

Posted by Claire @ 06:18 PM CST

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