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07/12/2006 Archived Entry: "Raising funds (and fun) to help KT Ordnance beat the BATFE"

WITH A LITTLE HELP from Andy Lochridge, Gary Marbut, JPFO, Debra Webmistress of the Dark, and the wonderful people of TCF, we're going to help Rick Celata of KT Ordnance out of the dire straits Our Beloved Government put him into.

The first part of the fundraiser is a simple "pass the hat." I didn't realize it until a couple of days ago, but the BATFE and FBI essentially blew away ALL of Rick's income. (Yeah, they can ruin a person and put a family with pre-school kids in peril without even charging anybody with a crime. That's what they've tried to do with Rick.) Once he's got enough to keep the phone connected and the lawyer from walking out on him, we'll follow up with eBay auctions.

Follow the above link, or go direct to Gary Marbut's KT Ordnance page for the "pass the hat" portion of the fundraiser.

One bit of good news. According to JPFO, it looks as if KT Ordnance might be able to resume sales of its legal (but loathed by the BATFE) parts kits. I'll ask Rick about that. (Follow-up: He says his lawyer indeed okayed it, but he doesn't know if or when he'll be able do it.)

The BATFE does not belong in a free country. Hell, that pack of jackels doesn't belong in any country. JPFO and Rick Celata are right. It's time, and past time, to Boot the BATFE. FOREVER.

Posted by Claire @ 02:35 PM CST

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