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11/11/2006 Archived Entry: ""Guns the government doesn't like" -- and the latest ATF BS"

"GUNS THE GOVERNMENT DOESN'T LIKE." David Codrea speaks with outraged eloquence on the arrest of a member of the Washington County (Arkansas) Militia. And reports on the birth of a new blog in support of Hollis Wayne Fincher.

Fincher and fellow militia members made an elaborate and well-documented case against the 1934 National Firearms Act (see the "Silver Bullet" document on the "U.S. v Fincher" blog). That act is blatantly unconstitutional. The ATF response: whack 'em, hold 'em without bail, and make the gun owners (rather than the brutal, illegal ATF) sound dangerous. The usual.

If you're fearful because "anti-gun" Democrats have replaced "pro-gun" Republicans in Congress, consider: This latest bust of a peaceable gun owner was the work of Project Safe Neighborhoods -- a program invented by the George W. Bush administration and supported enthusiastically by the NRA.

Posted by Claire @ 07:17 PM CST

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