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09/29/2004 Archived Entry: "Aaron and I rip into the "FairTax""

AARON ZELMAN AND I RIP INTO THE "FAIRTAX" in an article at JPFO. Seduced by the cry, "Abolish the IRS!" too many naive freedom lovers fail to notice that politicians are perfectly capable of inventing a tax system worse than the income tax. The national sales tax is being sold via a combination of prepostrously rosy projections and evasive answers (or thoughtful-sounding half-answers) to critical questions. If it passes, it'll be a disaster -- and a trojan horse for gun owners, in particular.

In fact, it's a sign of how far this country has fallen that "limited government" advocates could even consider that a 30 percent national sales tax (for it is 30 percent or more, not the 23 percent its advocates claim) could be an improvement -- over anything.

Oh ... While I'm away, look for some other articles already in the pipeline. Backwoods Home will run "How to Avoid Work," parts I and II, on October 1 and 15. And upcoming Loompanics supplements and the 2005 catalog should be pretty well loaded with articles by me. I've been on a roll lately ...

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