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09/29/2004 Archived Entry: "On my way to the desert"

WELL, THE TRUCK IS FINALLY OUT OF THE SHOP and I must admit it's kinda nice that my transmission no longer sounds like a teakettle with a loose lid. I'm lucky in my choice of mechanics -- particularly considering they're the only "choice" in town. They're good, honest, diligent, and fair. They're even good communicators. And they're nice to my dogs. As much as their bill hurt, it was less than half what the dealer in the Big City would have charged. So no complaints.

If the cascading series of disasters is now over, I'll be on my way to the desert. So sorry I couldn't make it to this morning's SpaceShipOne launch, but I'm casting my mind in that direction as they roll out and prepare to make history.

Don't expect any blog entries for about seven days. Then after that look for two or three entries a week that reflect my desert ruminations more than the daily news. Thanks for visiting and supporting Wolfesblog. And I'll miss the Outlaw crew over at The Claire Files Forums. Keep flyin', fireflies.

I'll be back when I get back. Sometime between November and May, however things go out there.

Posted by Claire @ 05:39 AM CST

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