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09/10/2007 Entry: ""Cancer chip" article hits the newswires -- thank you, Katherine!"

BOY, IT'S GREAT TO SEE THE GOOD GUYS SCORE ONE for a change. And this was a big score. Not often does anybody from "our side" earn major, non-biased news coverage. But Katherine Albrecht -- that tireless researcher and campaigner -- did it when the Associated Press broke its "cancer chips" story this weekend.

VeriChip's drive to chip us all (a drive conducted in collusion with sleazy politicians; the drubbing Tommy Thompson takes in the AP story is a marvelous thing) has been seriously derailed. So why aren't we taking more time to shout some big YEE HAWS?

Some background: Katherine dug for data and got the story to the AP. But it all began with one woman in Canada whose French bulldog died of a chip-related cancer. That woman, known only as Jeanne, began gathering information on other "cancer chip" studies -- studies VeriChip, Tommy Thompson, and their cronies conveniently ignored when going through the approval process for planting chips in humans. Katherine carried Jeanne's work farther. And ... boom.

VeriChip has issued a standard corporate non-response. I've asked my vet about VeriChip's claim that mice and rats are prone to get cancer after any injection. Otherwise, there's simply nothing there. VeriChip is on the run -- thanks to Katherine, her Spychips co-author, Liz McIntire, and the mourning dog owner, Jeanne. Thanks to little freedom lovers, very much like us.

After so much bad news for freedom, let's not just let this great good news blow by. As Katherine writes in a private message to CASPIAN staff and volunteers (reprinted here with her permission):

Dear CASPIAN members and supporters:

Did you get a copy of your local paper this weekend? If so, there's a good chance it ran the explosive AP story on implanted microchips causing cancer in laboratory animals. And you'll want to save it.

Thanks to the AP, people everywhere now know the truth about implantable cancer chips. This story is HUGE and it's growing bigger by the minute. It has already been picked up by an incredible 300+ news outlets across the Internet

...and the bloggers are going nuts, too.

(Click up these links and grin - it will do your heart good!) smile

This kind of negative publicity spells the beginning of the end for VeriChip and their plans to chip us all like bar coded packages of meat. And it comes not a moment too soon, if recent glowing media stories about VeriChip are any indication.

As you will recall, on Good Morning America just last month millions of people watched in horror as a doctor injected a VeriChip into the arm of a 92-year old man. See the video clip here.

"I don't think there's anything to worry about," said the man, as the chip slid into his flesh.

Do you think he would say that today?

No way! That's because we've stopped the freight train.

This weekend, as they opened up newspapers around the nation, your fellow countrymen and women woke up to the dangers of VeriChip -- and recoiled in horror.

They took a nauseating look at the color illustration showing how the VeriChip implant stimulates the development of cancer cells in dogs. They took a gander at the photo of former HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson, the Washington DC fat cat and long-time Bush crony whose dealings with the FDA and subsequent compensation package from VeriChip have raised a lot of questions.

Readers may have seen a photo of me standing in the library stacks. As you may recall, I filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FDA in 2004 when the agency approved the VeriChip because I instinctively knew these implants could not be safe. I am also the researcher who first brought the cancer studies to AP's attention and provided additional information throughout their four-month investigation.

Of course, my Spychips co-author Liz McIntyre has also been deeply involved in this issue, devoting her amazing research talents and years of effort to uncovering VeriChip's downsides. We wouldn't know a great deal of what we know without her.

And Liz would like to credit another very special woman, June [Jeanne], the owner of Leon the bulldog, who first told us about the cancer problem. When this brave lady discovered that a cancer chip had killed her dog, she didn't give in to despair. Instead, she rolled up her sleeves and found a veterinary expert who would look at the evidence and publish the story in a medical journal. Thanks to June's perseverance, Leon's tragic death may save the lives of countless other implanted dogs.

Liz has posted a moving tribute to June and Leon here.

As you can imagine, bringing this story to light was a long and arduous process involving many people -- and much work. If you have a copy of the newspaper, read it slowly and savor our victory. It's a victory for us all.

Save the article and put it in a special place. When you find yourself getting discouraged and believing that the little guy can't win, remember Leon, and June, and Liz, and me, and all the other little people who have taken on the behemoth and won. Margaret Mead was right when she said that a few committed people is all you need to change the world.

As the war on our freedoms heats up and begins raging around us like a wildfire, keep the faith and remember this day. Smile as you remember how a few gutsy women and a crackerjack reporter poked Big Brother in the eye and brought down one of the most menacing corporations on the planet.


If you would like to join me to celebrate the fall of VeriChip, I will be covering this issue all week long on my radio program:

"Uncovering the Truth" with Dr. Katherine Albrecht
We the People Radio Network, M-F 10AM-12PM EST
Listen Live: http://www.wtprn.com
Archives: http://mp3.wtprn.com/Albrecht07.html

What? You didn't know I had a radio program? Yep, I've been on the air since April, but I've been keeping a low profile until now. Log onto the website and check out over 200 hours of archives I've quietly been accumulating to see what sort of freedom-loving rabble-rousing I've been up to lately.

And for all you Coast to Coast AM fans dying to know if I'll be on George's show to talk about this, I will indeed! Tune in Monday night as I give details on the cancer chip story and unveil a mind-blowingly powerful new campaign to end the implant menace once and for all.

Roll up your sleeves, keep your courage up, and join us. This is where the action is!

In freedom,
Katherine Albrecht, Ed.D.

Dr. Katherine Albrecht
Founder and Director, CASPIAN Consumer Privacy

Host of "Uncovering the Truth"
We the People Radio Network, M-F 10AM-12PM EST

Co-author of "SPYCHIPS: How Major Corporations and Government
Plan to Track Your Every Move with RFID"

Human Chipping: http://www.AntiChips.com
RFID: http://www.SpyChips.com
Shopper Cards: http://www.NoCards.org
Bio online at: http://www.spychips.com/media/katherine-albrecht.html

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