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07/15/2004 Archived Entry: "Defense minister strip-searched by airport thugs. So what?"

INDIA IS ALL UP IN ARMS because its then-defense minister was twice strip-searched by U.S. airport thugs. Well, so what? If plumbers and professors and grannies are strip-searched, then why should a defense minister be exempt?

Not that I think anybody (except a real criminal suspect) should get the TSA treatment. But for cryin' out loud, who's more likely to have "ties" to terrorists? Some poor slob with a job or a defense minister who's got "ties" to all kinds of military groups, arms makers, plotters, and connivers? Really.

Its like with the drug war. The whole thing is absurd, cruel, stupid, and horrible. But if you're gonna throw Joe-Nobody Mohammed in prison for years for cocaine, then Noelle Bush ought to be in the next cellblock over.

Aren't these government mucky mucks always going on about how much they prize "democracy"? Well, what could possibly be more democratic? So strip 'em, boys & girls. And next time make it John Ashcroft.

We might finally get a little good sense and a lot less JBT-ism in governance around here if the fancy-pants crowd had to endure what the rest of us do.

Posted by Claire @ 07:49 AM CST

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