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08/16/2004 Archived Entry: "atek3 reviews "The Justice Cooperative""

ATEK3 REVIEWS THE JUSTICE COOPERATIVE -- the new book in which crime victims learn to take justice into their own hands.

The first thing that sets 'the justice cooperative' apart from other books written by members of the gun culture, is an almost total lack of gun fetishism. I mean in most 2nd amendment book the author spends 5 minutes pouring over the details of each gun, TJC didn't at all. Didn't even mention the brands of any of the guns.

The book had the kind-of info-tainment aspect of 'Molon Labe', 'Patriots: Surviving the Collapse' and 'Unintended Consequenses', where the author imparts useful knowledge to the reader while delivering the story line.

This book would be right up the alley of most conservatives and libertarians. Libertarians who are against the state killing

criminals might find the entire book objectionable. The author rightly points out the potential for abuse of a 'justice cooperative' system.

Now the bad parts. Several typos, I don't care, but some readers do. Way Way too many pages of the book were devoted to the goings on at a machine shop...who cares...wasn't really integral to the plot anyway. All the 2nd amendment/RKBA/gun law history stuff is great for someone unfamiliar with this genre, but to someone who is well read it just drags on. "Yes I know the nazi's used the weimar list's to confiscate guns from the jews." "Yes I also know guns are the last defense against tyranny" "Yep the first shooting fight of the revolutionary war was over gun control.'

Summed up. Worth reading if you are a serious fan of the UC/EFAD/ML/Patriots genre, maybe not so worth it if you aren't.

Oh and I disagree with others statements that it would be a good book to help convert people new to firearms. I don't know. This book was pretty radical stuff. It might turn off new people who are adverse to the idea of sneaking up and shooting strangers in the head.

Posted by Claire @ 09:04 AM CST

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