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05/10/2006 Archived Entry: "Gold gold gold gold gold"

GADS. Gold is selling for more than $700 per ounce and silver is back up to $14.28. I don't own much, but I'm momentarily feeling like a genius for having bought most of my little stash of junk silver coins when silver was at $3.65 per ounce. Or somewhere within a few cents of that figure.

I recall the day because the nice man at the coin store pointed out a rare thing: gold and silver were selling at exactly a 100:1 ratio at that moment. But yeah, it was a while back.

BTW, any memory sparked by the title of this post? "Gold, gold, gold, gold, gold (etc.)" is the lyric of a dwarf song from Terry Pratchett's hilarious Discworld novels. If you haven't read 'em yet, boy are you in for a treat. (Ahem, ahem. If you buy 'em, please use the Wolfesblog Amazon.com link.) Even better than the Discworld books is Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophesies of Agnes Nutter, Witch, which Pratchett wrote with Neil Gaimon.

Posted by Claire @ 02:02 PM CST

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