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12/23/2005 Archived Entry: "Special after-auction thanks"

YET MORE THANKS ARE DUE in the wake of our astonishingly successful fundraising auction for Bark. Early on, Fran Tully organized an effort to make a group buy, hoping to win the book then draw a final recipient from among his contributors. When the bids skyrocketed beyond the group's means, I figured that was that end of it. But undaunted, Fran and company continued privately to raise funds, with a paperback copy of The Black Arrow as the prize. Yesterday -- thanks to Fran, Manny, Maile, Lori, Patty, Jackie, Ron, Lynn, and Nathan -- $180 was added to the fund for Bark's cancer medicines.

More special thanks to B, D, K, and J, who also made generous donations this week, either to Bark's cause or to the Wolfesblog Starving Artist's Fund. And of course, to the unknown (to me) people who've sent contributions directly to Elias Alias on Bark's behalf.

Posted by Claire @ 12:36 PM CST

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