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01/19/2007 Archived Entry: "Congress wants to jail its critics"

IF THIS LAW PASSES, you can be sure I'll never criticize Congress on Wolfesblog. Not because I'm afraid they'll send me to jail, of course. But because I'd consider them beneath my criticism.

Hm. But come to think of it, they already are. So, Congress, no matter what any of us blogistas may say about you, know this: It's not a criticism. It might be a joke, a slam, a put down, a howl (of hilarity or rage), a satire, or a parody. But it's not a criticism. Nor is it an attempt to get citizens to lobby you to change your wicked ways. Criticism is worthwhile only when you believe something can be fixed. You're waaaaay past that.

(Ah. News is that the odious provision was booted out of Senate Bill 1. So we're allowed, lucky, lucky little people, to go on poking at Congress for the nonce -- unless the provision comes back in conference committee or stashed in some 4000-page must-pass appropriations bill later this year. Interesting, though, innit? The Dems were elected last November to stop the Iraq war. And what's their first priority ...? Yes, yet another bogus "ethical reform" bill. Smoke and mirrors, anyone?)

Posted by Claire @ 10:50 AM CST

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