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04/11/2004 Archived Entry: "Post-Easter target shooting with Peeps"

A POST-EASTER TREAT FOR SHOOTERS. PEEPS! Yeah, Peeps. You know those little marshmallow Easter-basket chicks that turn kiddies' fingers yellow and turn the stomachs of more discerning, sugar-averse adults? You can buy them 10-for-a-buck before Easter. And as of tomorrow, the day after Easter, the stores will probably pay you to take the excess inventory off their hands. Well, get 'em! Get 'em! Turns out Peeps have unimagined uses.

Occasional blogispondent and gun geek Ian McCollum reported that Peeps made very good shooting targets. So during my spring rambles, I picked up two five-Peep packs and a group of friends and I had at them. I figured the gooey little goodies would just make spectacular splats and disappear. But no, no! Hit 'em with anything -- well, almost anything, from .22 to .45, from .223 to 7.62 x 39 -- and they'll still keep their shape (mostly). Then hit 'em again. And again. And again. Particularly with larger calibers. They'll fly into the air 10, 15, 20 feet and land where you can hit 'em one more time. It took so many shots to thoroughly kill any one Peep that we actually ended up eating (ugh!) the unblasted contents of the second package, after spending half an hour on Peep slaughter. Peeps are the most hysterical thing I've shot since Newt Gingrich sent out an 8 x 10 color glossy photo as part of a fundraising mailing, back in '96. Great fun for a group. Great lead, Ian.

Posted by Claire @ 10:12 PM CST

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