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04/11/2004 Archived Entry: "Home from my travels"

HOME. Ten states. Four thousand miles. Two hundred miles of snowstorm driving (while listening to weather reports telling me it's 65 and sunny at home, grumble, grumble). Assorted thunderstorms, hailstorms, general freezing my buns off and finally dragging those sorry buns in through the Home Sweet Cabin door a couple of hours ago. But ... a good time was had by all. Me. Dog-kids, friends, and friendly strangers.

I was hoping to have some insights to share. You'd think all those empty highway miles would inspire Great Thoughts. But no. Actually, it was great having my brain on autopilot for 11 days. No clients, no phones, no computers, no assignments, no demands. My Great Insights were things like this: Justabout every western state has a county named something like "Sweetwater." And that county is invariably as dry as freeze-dried dust. Optimism? Irony? I dunno.

One thing I can tell you (and will try to elaborate upon later). While the state of organized libertarianism is effed as usual, the state of disorganized libertarianism, and anarcho-whateverism, and general western Don't Tread on Me kickassness ... is damn good. Damn good. I had some visits on my travels that give me hope and kept me smiling all the way home.

Posted by Claire @ 09:49 PM CST

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