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06/09/2006 Archived Entry: "KT Ordnance raided by BATFE"

KT ORDINANCE has been raided by the BATFE. Owner Richard Celata has been a staunch friend of freedom. Although facts are lacking, it appears that his involvement with JPFO might be part of the reason for the raid.

Whatever the cause (and too many people have been way too quick to assume that if the BATFE targeted him Celata must be guilty of something), the real questions are: Does the BATFE have the slightest authority to infringe on the manufacture of firearms? Does the BATFE have the slightest real legal authority even to exist? And how about "Can a regulatory agency legitimately impose made-up rules on anyone?" -- as the BATFE increasingly appears to be doing with its sudden rush of "features and characteristics of a machine gun" rulings?

The BATFE is notorious for targeting the innocent, trumping up charges, using entrapment, being completely incompetent to judge anything about firearms, and worse. JPFO and Len Savage have badly wounded this particular tyrannosaurus. Predictably, in its pain it appears to be lashing out more fiercely than ever.

(Thanks to Aaron and JS for the word.)

Posted by Claire @ 01:06 PM CST

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