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06/08/2006 Archived Entry: "The paranoids are usually right"

SO STRANGE. WE ROLL OUR EYES AT THE PARANOIDS, BUT time and again, their paranoia turns out to be prescient. "They" (you know, those mysterious people who control the world) really were planning to implant tracking chips in human beings. "They" really did use black (that is dark, unmarked) helicopters. "They" really were scooping up all our phone calls and emails. There really was -- and is -- a creepy, secretive government agency called FinCEN, spying on our financial doings. "They" really do run secret courts that issue secret warrants -- that is, when they don't just feel like snooping or locking people up without all that fuss.

There really are "security" agencies we've never heard of -- until we hear of them. At which point, after a brief flurry of concern, they become just another part of our reality.

And now, there really are internment camps being built in the U.S. to house masses of people without due process. Remember how we laughed at those funny old paranoids over that claim. Hahahahaha.

But oh don't worry. Even now that they're for real, only paranoids could possibly ever imagine that they'll be used for us. No. Of course the Halliburton crowd is building them solely for those Others. Those little brown people. And we don't have to worry or care what happens to them, right?

The paranoids are missing one bet. They're insufficiently paranoid about the mindset of the American people and our endless ability to deny reality as we watch the police-state juggernaut rolling down the middle of the road in our direction.

Posted by Claire @ 12:55 PM CST

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