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06/05/2006 Archived Entry: "Dogs in the Sunshine -- another toddler step in art"

WELL, HOW 'BOUT THAT? I've just made it two creative toddler steps in a row.

Click here if you want to see yesterday's pastel sketch, "Dogs in the Sunshine."

In the foreground is Robbie, King of the Pack and wannabe Dictator of All Dogdom. (Please give me a break on my rendering of him; brindle dogs are hard to draw.) In the middleground, foster-dog Nadia (aka Naja, aka "The Destructor"). And sunning herself in the doorway of Cabin Sweet Cabin is the newest foster, Australian cattle dog Roxie.

This is just a sketch and I could recite you a litany of its problems. But I suceeded in the big thing I wanted to show -- the spectacular, sunny backlighting of their fur. I'm so proud. :-)

Posted by Claire @ 11:48 AM CST

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