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09/26/2006 Archived Entry: "Serenity Comics Auction"

"Time for some thrilling heroics." -Jayne Cobb

Raving Reporter Thunder here.

Many of you know that the TCF community has been overwhelmingly supportive of Rick Celata and family. In case you don't know, Rick's business, KT Ordnance, was broken into and he had several items that were stolen from him and these items are to be auctioned off by the thieves. That's basically what it boils down to.

Well, in an effort to help Rick and his family out, once again, we here at TCF are auctioning something else off.

This one's for all of you Firefly/Serenity fans out there.

Get all 9 mint condition issues of the Serenity comics, PLUS a second copy of Issue #1 with the Jayne Cobb cover, signed by the Hero of Canton himself, Adam Baldwin!!!

The only way this auction could get any better would be if it came with Vera herself!!

All proceeds of this auction will go to help the Celata family.

The E-bay listing is here.

Bid early, bid often, bid high as this is for a good cause.

Posted by Thunder @ 05:24 PM CST

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