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09/25/2006 Archived Entry: "Bovard on the Senate torture deal"

JIM BOVARD ON THE RIGHT-TO-TORTURE DEAL and America's new status as a banana republic (or Medieval fiefdom).

This is latest sign that our elected representatives in Washington believe that the federal government deserves absolute power over everyone in the world. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell warned recently that Bush’s efforts to gut the Geneva Conventions would cause the world to “doubt the moral basis of our fight against terrorism.”

But more important, the Senate-White House torture deal should cause Americans to doubt the moral basis of their entire government.

Every time I think the U.S. government has reached a new moral low, the Busheviks surprise me and sink even lower. Oh, the irony of the fact that Bush got elected because of his superior "moral values." Superior to whose, I wonder? Vlad Tepes's?

Posted by Claire @ 11:33 AM CST

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