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05/27/2005 Archived Entry: "Kenneth Trendadue and the Oklahoma City Bombing"

I REMEMBER SEEING THE PAINFUL AUTOPSY PHOTOS of Kenneth Trentadue at various political events in the late 90s. Sad, blown-up photos of a man beaten to death in prison. The feds (in whose transfer facility he had died) adamantly claimed it was suicide, adamantly denied that scene-of-the-crime photos existed ... the usual. Anybody looking at the photos could see something was terribly, terribly wrong with the official story.

But what? Why? Trentadue was a minor criminal, in an Oklahoma City fed facility for a minor parole violation. Why would the feds beat him to death, or allow him to be beaten to death and then cover it up? Now Paul Craig Roberts offers an answer, thanks to the persistence of Ken Trentadue's lawyer brother, Jesse. And it all may tie back to another strange old mystery: whether the FBI knew in advance about the Oklahoma City Bombing, and why some intriguing threads in that case went uninvestigated, some key figures were never interviewed.

I usually don't go for conspiracy theories. But maybe this time somebody's actually discovered a smoking gun.

Posted by Claire @ 12:25 PM CST

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