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11/14/2005 Archived Entry: "Unintended consequences of Sony's screwed up rootkits"

LOL! Brad at McBlog points out that Sony's alleged anti-piracy rootkits were themselves full of pirated software!

Security maven Bruce Schneier says Sony is in big legal trouble.

Not that I believe cops or government courts should get involved in intellectual property issues, but it's a marvelous irony to see the rabid, arrogant over-reaching corporate bullies get their comeuppance from the little people they've been abusing and intimidating all this time.

As I've said before I do believe in the concept of intellectual property. Those who create valued works have a right not to be treated as milk cows for those who don't. It's Marxist to believe that others should slave so you can have freebies. But I 100 percent do NOT believe in the high-handed, government-like tactics being used by the likes of the RIAA, the MPAA, and now Sony.

Their tactics are not only nasty, but stupid and reality-defying. You can't stop the effects of the digital revolution with laws and lawsuits and you'd sure better not hack people's computers in the name of "anti-piracy."

And -- even more mind-boggling irony -- what Sony genius got the idea that the best way to combat piracy was to attack and alienate the paying customers?

The mega-corps and their hired industry-association thugs deserve everything they're going to get from angry movie and music lovers.

Posted by Claire @ 08:02 AM CST

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