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02/16/2007 Archived Entry: "Italy indicts 26 Americans"

ITALY HAS FINALLY INDICTED 26 AMERICANS, mostly CIA agents, for the kidnapping and "extraordinary rendition" of a Muslim from Italian soil. In the name of "freedom," drones of the U.S. government grabbed the man and sent him off to Egypt to be tortured.

Italy's indictment is a token gesture; the American kidnapper-torturers have fled like the rats they are, and the Italians aren't asking George W. Bush to send them back (yeah, like that would ever happen). But Europe has obviously had it with the our cruel and delusional neocon regime. Switzerland has recently made its own token gestures to stop U.S. barbarity. Too bad it's so little, so late.

China, Russia, and India are making the first tentative attempts to balance runaway American superpower.

What hath George W. Bush wrought?

What kind of world is it in which one congenital moron could ever be allowed to have such an impact?

Posted by Claire @ 07:24 PM CST

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