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12/21/2005 Archived Entry: "My year of silence -- but not disappearance!"

RUMORS OF MY DISAPPEARANCE ARE HIGHLY EXAGGERATED. Today is the beginning of my disconnect, my year of silence.

Actually, the behind-the-scenes shutdown will be gradual. The landline phone won't be disconnected until late January, for instance, due to various potential fees, fines, penalties, and bookkeeperly complications. But as of today, I won't be responding to email, except strictly business messages, for the next year. (Thank you guys for being understanding about that.) And from here on I'll be blogging no more than three times a week (and hope the other Wolfesblogistas make up for my lack).

BUT. I'm never sure how to respond to the fond farewells I've received. Because I still think, for the most part, that you won't notice I'm gone. The "public" part of me will still be out here -- on Wolfesblog, in Backwoods Home, in SWAT, in JPFO projects, and the occasional Loompanics article. Life goes on and the dogs need their kibble. So work goes on, too. I won't have always-on Internet. Or even dial-up Internet. But I can still get three hours a week at the local library.

I'll just be less personally available through email, private messages & such. But since I'll be blogging more from the heart and less from the torture chambers and spy dens of the Bushevik-American police state ... well, I'll still be very, very visible.

Thank you to everybody who has wished me well and been supportive. Thanks even to the few who've questioned my good sense. But it all might be much ado about nothing. I picture you soon muttering, "Wait a minute. Didn't that woman say she was going to shut up? Well, why the heck is she still nattering?"

Posted by Claire @ 09:24 AM CST

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