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06/27/2003 Archived Entry: "Geoslavery"

GEOSLAVERY. We fear what governments will be able to do to us on the soon-to-arrive day when they can not only remotely track, but remotely control, our movements. But now Jerome E. Dobson and Peter F. Fisher, two long-time insiders in geographic information science (GIS), predict something different but equally ominous. They posit a future of worldwide geoslavery in which abusive spouses control their partners, rigid parents rule their children well into adulthood, plantation owners enslave their workers, and village headmen clamp iron order over their subjects -- all via remote tracking and control technologies. Chilling reading. And their proposed solutions are no less chilling than the horrors they foresee.

Another bright light from Sunni. This article appears in the current issue of IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, a professional journal of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Posted by Claire @ 02:08 PM CST

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