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08/22/2005 Archived Entry: "Treasury Dept. re-asserts its power to seize gold and silver"

NOTICING WOLFESBLOG'S RECENT EMPHASIS ON HARD MONEY, Dave Gross sent along this telling bit of news:

MANCHESTER, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 22, 2005--The U.S. Government has the authority to prohibit the private possession of gold and silver coin and bullion by U.S. citizens during wartime, and, during wartime and declared emergencies, to freeze their ownership of shares of mining companies, the Treasury Department has told the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee.

But gold and silver owners aren't alone in such jeopardy. For the U.S. Government claims the authority in declared emergencies to seize or freeze just about everything else that might be considered a financial instrument.

I'm sure some Wolfesbloggians won't be surprised. But the entire article is fascinating for the way it displays the fedgov's naked lust for power. It also serves as a reminder that the present "everybody's a terrorist" attitude isn't really new -- for the basis of the above claims is that hard-money owners could be "aiding" some mythical or actual enemy.

Well, yes. We could be aiding freedom, honest currency, and personal indepencence -- which are all certainly the enemies of the politically powerful.

Speaking of which, the latest Friend of Wolfesblog to weigh in on the virtues of gold and silver is Liberty Lightning at The Freedom Outlaw. She focuses her discussion on trust.

Posted by Claire @ 12:47 PM CST

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