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08/22/2005 Archived Entry: "The attack on tax havens"

I'VE ALWAYS FIGURED THAT TAX HAVENS WILL SURVIVE because no matter how loudly self-righteous biggovs rant about them the simple fact is that corrupt government officials and their privileged allies themselves need places to hide their wealth. They can't entirely destroy the havens of "tax cheats" and "money launderers" without also destroying their own.

But they sure do appear to be trying. And now the push comes as much from the empire of Europe, as from the imperial U.S., which always used to lead the charge. I'm far from an expert in this subject, but it strikes me that the current battle between small haven nations and global taxing powers could be crucial in the fight-to-the-death between Big Brother's "transparency" wet dream and the last vestiges of individual privacy and self-sovereignty in the world.

Posted by Claire @ 09:49 AM CST

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