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12/01/2004 Archived Entry: "Hard times at the Desert Hermitage"

HARD TIMES HERE AT THE DESERT HERMITAGE. I darned near headed for home the other day. A worst-of-the-decade cold snap snapped water pipes, sucked the power out of our batteries, and had us huddling in our poorly insulated little trailers, praying the propane heat would hold out. (So far, so good.)

This is a homestead-in-the-making and although we thought we were properly winterized for this climate, the climate decided to go improper on us. I was totally fried when the water froze up on the first really cold night because ... well, you remember the long, long, long laborious ditch I mentioned the other day? The one that was seriously not fun to dig? That was to bury the water line so it ... wouldn't freeze. Gnrrrrrr.

Still, it's beautiful and serene (when it's not chaotic) and I'm learning some things about myself, like just how much I really, really, really appreciate electricity that's there when you flip a switch, hot running water (or any running water), double-pane windows, and big, thick fluffy batts of fiberglas insulation.

Fortunately today was glorious. Worked outside all day with no jacket or gloves and found myself peeling off layers of clothes. (Nothing prurient, mind you. Even if I peeled down to the undies, in this climate, the undies are nothing anyone would get excited about.)

Some nights, I lay awake wondering how the pioneers did it. Tough sonsabitches, they musta been.

However, the good news is that the Great Mystery Project is going well. And I'm about to ask my writing partner whether it's okay to Tell The World. Will keep you posted. Soon, I hope.

Posted by Claire @ 05:57 PM CST

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