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12/28/2004 Archived Entry: "The arrival of the Linux Fairy"

IT'S A LITTLE KNOWN FACT, BUT the first mail day after Christmas is Linuxmas. On that day, the Linux Fairy showers gifts upon good little girls -- gifts like shiny fat folders full of Knoppix, Damn Small Linux, SimplyMEPIS, and three (count 'em, 3) different versions of Mandrake.

If the little girls have been really, really good -- or if they've covered the tracks of their bad deeds exceptionally well -- the shower might even include a SanDisk Cruzer mini USB flash drive. Wow.

I know the secret identity of the Linux Fairy, but I think he had some hard-working elves on this project, also, and I'm going to poke around a little more to uncover their identities (and wait for a happier day in the world) before I give full thanks and details about these wonderful goodies. But I've already spent hours exploring the above and I am bowled over.

What I can't figure out yet how the Linux Fairy and elfly crew knew I wanted a flash drive. And the Cruzer has its own encryption program, which is more than I'd ever have thought to ask for. Did I already say wow?

Posted by Claire @ 11:53 AM CST

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