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04/27/2006 Archived Entry: "Every Breath Bernanke Takes - The Poorer We Get"

in a hilarious short video remake of Every Breath You Take. A group of Columbia Business School (CBS) grad students have put together a 4-minute video mocking the counterfeiter-in-chief. (28 MB WMV file) Gary North provides some background, and explains some of the jargon used in the video.

The beauty of a short video is that it can mock an ignorant, arrogant fool without taking the time to explain the long list of crimes and lies that justify the abuse. The estimable Mises Inststitute has produced a video that explains all. Telling the truth takes literally ten times longer (41 minutes versus 4.2 minutes), and few people will invest that much time. This is called ďrational ignorance.Ē Everyone is short of time, so one is forced to make choices about what you do, what you learn, what you know, and what you rationally choose not to know. The problem with rational ignorance is that what you donít know can hurt you.

Since Bushimo and his gang of mass-murdering thugs took office, the value of the dollar has declined 30% against the Euro. It takes 40% more dollars to buy an ounce of gold today than it did on January 19, 2001. It takes 50% more dollars to buy a tank of gas. If your income has not increased 30-50% since 2001, you are making less today than you were then. This trend has obvious for decades, and we are poorer than our parents, despite all our gadgets and fancy cars. Our children and grandchildren will be poorer still.

Itís not that the price of commodities is going up: the value of the dollar is going down. It has been going down for a long time. It goes down because criminals like Bernanke create stupendous quantities of new dollars out of thin air, and those newly created dollars are used to bid up the price of goods and services the world over. The only winners are the ones that get the newly minted lies first: the fedgov and large banks. The rest of us lose.

The Founders understood this very well, having suffered first-hand with the dreadful fiat paper "Continentals." That's why they wrote into the Constitution that only gold and silver could be used as money. That binding chain chafed the various organized crime syndicates, and a traitorous group of nine Nazgul nullified that essential protection of liberty and property at the bidding of the monster FDR. Our money was once a commodity, like gold or sugar or gasoline. Now it is nothing more than a consensual mass halllucination.

So laugh at Bernanke even if you donít get all the inside jokes. Forward the link or the video to friends, family, and co-workers. The sooner we start laughing these pathetic parasites out of office, the better off we all will be.


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