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06/26/2005 Archived Entry: "THE NINE NAZGUL"

by Silver

The relentless assault upon privacy, property, peace, and freedom seems to increase in scope and intensity with every passing day. The torrent of vile spew from SCOTUS at this time of year exacerbates the trend.

Each new outrage reinforces the image of SCOTUS as the nine Nazgul. Like the dark lords in Tolkien’s works, these creatures were once human. They had lives, families, and homes. Long ago they were seduced by power, and little by little they have given up their humanity, their compassion, even their ability to read and understand the plain meaning of simple, declarative language. Now they live in a netherworld, interacting with our world only to further erode the chains that once bound their master. They can cause great fear among mortal men and women, but they feel nothing, and no longer understand sickness, or privacy, or liberty, or life itself.

“They could see things in worlds invisible to mortal men; but too often they beheld only the phantoms and delusions of the State. And one by one, sooner or later, according to their native strength and to the good or evil of their wills in the beginning, they fell under the thralldom of the power that they wielded and began to support the supremacy of the State over all things. And they became forever invisible save to those that served the State, and they entered into the realm of shadows. The Nazgul were they, the Benchwraiths, the Enemy's most terrible servants; darkness went with them, and they cried with the voices of death.”
(My apologies to JRR Tolkien for paraphrasing The Silmarillion. )

Today’s Nazgul believe that their rituals and dark powers protect and legitimize their evil works. They tell each other that crafting aggressive language citing the writings of their predecessors makes their rulings wise and just.

The charade is failing. The naked hand of power reveals itself ever more clearly, as it smites the sick, the poor, and the innocent with increasingly careless abandon. Today only the minions of the state pay heed to the screeching of these Benchwraiths. Their legitimacy begins and ends at the muzzles of the State's guns, for they have long ceased to be fit judges of anything at all concerning the affairs of a free people.

Posted by Silver @ 05:49 AM CST

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