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04/26/2006 Archived Entry: "Bush's War on Democracy, here and abroad"

"MR. 32 PERCENT" -- AKA GEORGE W. BUSH -- is conducting a worldwide war against the democracy he so loves to tout. So says Jim Bovard in his latest.

Have our dumbed-down educations left us smart enough to spell I-R-O-N-Y?

Domestic evidence also piles up. The Busheviks might not directly have been responsible for a sedition investigation against an angry letter writer. But they sure created the climate in which such a witch-hunt can be conducted. And you know who must have decided that heckling is a federal crime while mass muder, slave labor, and religious suppression are just hunky dory.

Kinda makes you nostalgic for the days when we all got indignant over Clinton having people arrested for telling him he sucked. At least we did get indignant then. Now? Yawn ... What's on TV?

Posted by Claire @ 11:35 AM CST

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