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05/31/2004 Archived Entry: "Badnarik is the LP nominee"

IT TOOK SOME DIGGING TO LEARN THAT MICHAEL BADNARIK is the 2004 LP candidate for president. Although NPR covered the convention at its opening none of my favorite news sources mentioned the results today, even down deep in their political sections. (I even checked WorldNetDaily.com, which I rarely do any more; that site has become such a pathetic "patriotic" propagandistic paranoid parody of what it used to be.)

I just shoulda checked The Claire Files forums, where mantispid issued the first report straight from the convention. And I know CSPAN also covered the convention. Good old CSPAN.

Badnarik. Wow, that was a surprise. For once the guy with the purest heart and the most radical libertarian view triumphed in an LP convention. This is a guy who -- Bruthah! -- ditched his SSN and declared himself free.

If I'd have been at the convention casting a vote (which thank heaven I wasn't) I'd have had a hard time deciding between him and Aaron Russo. Going in, I'd have leaned Russo, just because he's a man who knows how to make noise -- and noise is needed in this year when the LP can give anti-war, anti-big-spending folks their only real choice. Wouldn't it be cool if the Libertarian decided the race between the two opportunistic (as in "opportunistic infection") warmongers, rights-haters, and welfare staters the Rs and Ds are going to try to sell us? But whether or not that happens, it's great that Badnarik came from behind like that. What a story! What an American. Everyone who meets him is very impressed.

Damn near makes me wish I'd remained political.

Posted by Claire @ 09:03 AM CST

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