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01/12/2004 Archived Entry: ""Nazis Creep Me Out" by Dave Gross"

DAVE GROSS, WHOSE BLOG "THE PICKET LINE" DETAILS HIS EXPERIMENT IN LEGAL TAX RESISTANCE, posted a thoughtful, reflective three-parter on January 7, January 8, and January 9 about the nature of everyday evil and resistance to it. It's called "Nazis Creep Me Out."

Here's a sample from the middle entry.

As I grew older, I came to understand that the evil I feared wasn't an aggressive race of inhuman slant-eyes (nice to get our crudest bigotries out of the way early), or a strangely-moustached set of men in funny pants and jackboots from a country that existed in black-and-white. It started to dawn on me that the evil was still around, and that if it came to where I lived, there's a good chance it would come speaking my language, handing out gold stars to good boys, and looking far more respectable and civilized than its victims. And I came to understand that I needed to learn how not to be one of the victimizers as much as I needed to learn how to keep from being one of the victims.

Posted by Claire @ 08:39 AM CST

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