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09/29/2003 Archived Entry: "VeriChip marketing subdermal ID chip to federal agencies"

VERICHIP IS "INCREASING ITS WASHINGTON, D.C., PRESENCE." That's the PC way of saying it's just hired an old political hand to aggressively promote subdermal ID chips to federal agencies.

So which agency will be the first to require implanted chips? Will the FBI or CIA demand them for their agents? HUD for their tenants? DHHS for welfare recipients or hospital patients? IRS for taxpayers? The ATF for gun owners? Probably it'll be the Pentagon marking soldiers. For Their Own Good. Followed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. For Our Own Safety. Whichever agency goes first, you can bet half the bureaucrats in DC are having orgasms this minute fantasizing over the new possibilities for control.

Fry those chips, folks. Fry those chips.

Posted by Claire @ 04:44 PM CST

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