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07/21/2006 Archived Entry: "Bovard on the Busheviks' "terrorist" batting average"

SNORT. CHORTLE. Jim Bovard (who's having a prolific week), goes after the Busheviks for their feeble "'Terrorist' Batting Average":

The federal government has inflated the ``No Fly List" to 200,000 names. But the list has nabbed more members of Congress than it has terrorists. US Senator Edward M. Kennedy and US Representative John Lewis have been inconvenienced by it, and anyone named David Nelson is likely to face a major interrogation each time he flies. Federal officials make it very difficult to correct the list, thus tormenting citizens who are guilty of nothing more than having a name resembling a name suspected sometime by some government official.

Two hundred thousand now on the no-fly list? Yegads, what an amazing lot of us shoe-bombers,hijackers, and suspiciously vocal critics of the Bush administration there must be out here.

Posted by Claire @ 08:36 AM CST

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