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09/09/2004 Archived Entry: "Critter risks banishment in the name of free speech"

BOLD, BRAVE CRITTER! He (or is it she, I'm really not sure) risks banishment in the name of free speech.

A few weeks ago, Goldi-Lox, moderater at the slightly mis-named Liberty Post censored all links to Loompanics -- even deleting every mention of Loompanics' company name -- from a post on her site. She outrageously claimed that she and her webmaster could both go to federal prison simply for linking to a publisher of such controversial books. Mike Hoy, founder and president of Loompanics, and editor Gia Cosindas (neither yet in one of Ashcroft's prison cells), commissioned me to write an article about self-censorship. In it, we covered lots of ground, including Goldi-Lox's particularly squishy turf.

Critter risked Goldi's ire and apparently spent one very late night conspiring to place that article on Liberty Post and get a discussion started about Goldi-Lox and the "L" word. Chortle! The link above is to a mirror of the article and the resulting discussion.

I think a little thanks go to muleDemon and Tim_Osman, too, in this small conspiracy. I'll be proud to share a prison cell with you, guys.

(But we'll be pretty crowded in there, given that Amazon.com sells most of the same dangerous books.)

** Critter HIMself just told me he's a gun-totin', pickup-drivin', motorcycle-ridin' HE.

Posted by Claire @ 02:04 PM CST

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