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06/30/2003 Archived Entry: "OnPower.org"

OnPower.org, a new Web site from the Independent Institute, aims to be a resource for scholars studying the growth of government power. The focus is on how government has used war and other "crises" to expand its authority and limit ours. OnPower.org is also a craven ploy to get people to buy books on these topics via the institute's Amazon.com bookstore. (But then, how can I knock that?) If you're doing research in this area, they've come up with an impressive bibliography.

Speaking of government power in a different sense, the new Harry Potter book seems to be heavily focused on how government bureaucrats (in this case from the Ministry of Magic) and a biased press (The Daily Prophet) conspire to destroy what is noble and true. And here we thought Hogwarts lay far from everyday reality.

Posted by Claire @ 11:49 PM CST

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