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11/13/2003 Archived Entry: ""what is your feelings about Gun Control?""


"In Government class we are having a debate on Gun Control... My question to you all is, what is your feelings towards gun control... and why do you feel this way?!"

It's probably too late to respond to little ShawnaFaye, who posted this lovely, well-punctuated, highly grammatical, correctly capitalized query on the Net more than a month ago. Pity. The young lady appears to be a shining example of government schooling. I'm sure our feeeeeeeelings about gun control would have appealed to her intellect. Ah, yes. After posting the above, she also revealed her own feeeeeelings about gun control in a followup message. And I'll bet you just can't begin to guess how this product of the state propaganda camps feeeeeeels about guns.

Rick, where do you find this stuff, anyway???

Posted by Claire @ 12:54 PM CST

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