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12/09/2005 Archived Entry: "An Outlaw has passed"

SAD TO HEAR of it, but a long-time moonshiner has passed on at the ripe old age of 101.

Raving Reporter Thunder here again. I wasn't going to blog this story that NuclearDruid over at TCF was so kind to post for us, but I had to share a buddy of mine's comments when I told him about dear old Maggie.

Upon reading the story, my friend replied, "Awesome. A community that actually takes care of itself regardless of the law."

No need for ninja-masked guys in black, no need for expensive trials.... She wasn't hurting anyone and, in fact, was an upstanding member of the community that was always trying to help others. Why should she be ostracized for what boils down to basically her being a good cook?

Kinda harkens a bit back to Claire's recent posts about STOP SNITCHIN', doesn't it?

Posted by Thunder @ 12:43 PM CST

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