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09/07/2003 Archived Entry: "Urgent! Help CASPIAN help privacy and gun rights"

URGENT! CAN YOU HELP CASPIAN HELP PRIVACY AND GUN RIGHTS? On Sept 15-17 the villains of the Auto-ID Center are officially launching their EPC (radio-frequency ID chip) network at a Chicago convention. CASPIAN will be conducting both a physical protest and an online "virtual" protest of this terrifying advance in Big Brotherism.

Kathering Albrecht, CASPIAN's energetic founder, needs your help. If you know of any activist groups in the Chicago area that could join the protest or if you know any area media people (particularly talk-show hosts) who could help publicize the protest, please e-mail Katherine directly -- and quickly. Time is short.

Many of us are used to fighting losing battles. The fight against RFID chips has every chance of being a winner. All signs indicate that the vast majority of people who become aware of the plan to "chip" all merchandise are horrified and outraged. Katherine and CASPIAN are our best hope for spreading that awareness and stopping this dreadful plan before it starts.

Gun owners, don't forget that the intention is to put an RFID chip into every, single bullet ever manufactured (and potentially into powder, cases, primers, and ALL other firearm-related products, as well) And don't forget that these little nasties can be read by scanners, right through your clothing, carry bag, or holster. If you value your gun rights and your privacy as a shooter, STOP THIS THING. Contact Katherine ASAP if you know any groups, media people, or celebrities in Chicago who could lend their voices.

Posted by Claire @ 10:06 AM CST

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