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09/08/2003 Archived Entry: "$87 billion for two wars"

GEORGE BUSH HAS ASKED FOR $87 BILLION to continue his wars -- occupations -- pacifications -- in Afghanistan and Iraq. $87 billion. That's roughly the size of the entire federal budget John Kennedy inherited from Dwight Eisenhower just 43 years ago. Of course, we're not supposed to use figures like that without adjusting for inflation.

But we wouldn't have to "adjust for inflation" if bloated government weren't debasing the money supply. So to heck with that.

Speaking of inflation vs. sound money, though, did you catch Rep. Ron Paul's long but excellent essay at Lewrockwell.com, "Paper Money and Tyranny"? It's as good a summation as I've ever read of the necessity for sound currency and the catastrophe government creates when it realizes the games it can play by debasing the money supply.

Posted by Claire @ 08:51 AM CST

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