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05/04/2003 Archived Entry: "Panama in a Nutshell"

PANAMA IN A NUTSHELL. Considering going offshore? Wondering whose advice to trust? Meet Sandy Sandfort. Sandy is a lawyer, entrepreneur, writer, and American ex-patriate now living in Panama. He has written a 30-page, 9,000-word report, Panama in a Nutshell. This report is loaded with solid information on how to incorporate a business, open a bank account, or live well in this very friendly Central American country.

Clairewolfe.com is the first to offer Panama in a Nutshell. Buy the report and for a limited time Sandy will personally answer most of your questions about Panama at no charge. That's a heck of a deal. Click here to find out more and to order your copy of Panama in a Nutshell.

Posted by Claire @ 11:48 PM CST

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