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06/09/2003 Archived Entry: "The Grand and Glorious Claire Files Message Board"

I'M HONORED TO ANNOUNCE that The Claire Files and The Mental Militia have conspired to create -- TA-DAH! --


(No kidding, that's what they've called it -- although I suspect a few tongues were protruding pretty far into cheeks at the time. There are a couple of links, both on the board and on The Mental Militia's main page, to explain how the project came about.)

The board is dedicated to discussions of living free, monkeywrenching, mindset, and other good things for freedom lovers. One section, appropriately enough, is for talking about the Free State Project. Another, called Hardyville, is for people who want to discuss either my writings or (better yet) how to apply those writings, the writings of other do-ers, and general ideas of liberty to life on this weird, weird planet.

This gem was created by Debra Ricketts the friend who keeps me in the world; Elias Alias, who has now created two beautiful gems for me; Ladylearning, who brought her wise and gentle touch to the affair, and the mysterious Bark, aka Walter, the webmaster behind The Mental Militia.

Please go there. Post wonderful, wise, do-able, outrageous, intelligent, glorious, friendly, wickedly witty, infuriatingly anti-authoritarian action-oriented stuff. And I'll join you there as I can.

Posted by Claire @ 07:59 PM CST

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