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05/07/2004 Archived Entry: "The Iraq abuse photo I can't get out of my head"

ALL THE PHOTOS ARE HORRIBLE ENOUGH, But the leash photo (link will open a pop-up window) that emerged yesterday is somehow the hardest to bear. It's one of those era-defining images, like little JohnJohn Kennedy saluting his father's coffin, that we'll never escape. And who is that itty-bitty girly who's the most prominent figure in so many of those photos? Lynndie England. A nice girl too independent to take orders against her will, say family members. Trailer trash from Ku Klux Klan Land say some of the media, seeking to distance themselves from the kind of American who'd do anything so squalid and nasty. Just a harmless sorority-hazer type of girl, says Rush Limbaugh (and bah to him; may he end up naked in jail someday, being "hazed," since his experiences as an illegal drug user haven't taught him any humility). Whoever she is, this smirking little mocker of Islamic manhood is doomed to be the face of America to a lot of the angry, humiliated Muslim world for a long, long time. And heaven forbid, we'll have to live with the consequences of that & not be too surprised if those consequences turn out to be damn scary.

Posted by Claire @ 02:57 PM CST

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