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05/07/2004 Archived Entry: "CafePress & Bill St. Clair"

BILL ST. CLAIR, WHOSE BLOG KEEPS AN EYE ON THE FREEDOM BLOGWORLD, noticed the reopening of the Wolfesblog CafePress store almost before I did. isittimeyet (13k image)The designs in the store -- Debra's work -- aren't quite ready. We still need to do a tweak or two. But they're fun. Someday we hope to offer our own tee-shirts and mugs to avoid those terrible CafePress prices (all but $2.00 on each item goes to CafePress). But it's a hoot to be able to create custom merchandise -- even teddy bears and boxer shorts! -- so simply. The link to the store is in the new sidebar -- which is also Debra's work, with me filling in the blanks.

Posted by Claire @ 09:45 AM CST

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