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05/22/2003 Archived Entry: "Off to the FSP GWC"

I'M OFF TO THE GREAT WESTERN CONFERENCE OF THE FREE STATE PROJECT! No new blog entries until I return on Tuesday May 27th -- so if you just can't live without my Pearls of Wisdom [roll of eyes], show up in Missoula, Montana, at 9:00 a.m. Sunday, when I'll be speaking on "Home of the Heart: Why Even Anarchists Need a Free State." For that matter, if you can live without my Pearls of Wisdom (and trust me, it's easy, I do it everyday), show up on Saturday, stay for the whole weekend, and meet Vin Suprynowicz, J.J. Johnson, FSP founder Jason Sorens, and others.

Like a snail, you'll have to bring your own shelter, though. Every motel room within 50 miles of the conference site is already booked up. Dunno about campgrounds, but probably them, too. See ya!

Posted by Claire @ 03:59 PM CST

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