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05/28/2003 Archived Entry: "Worldwide Idiocy on Toy Guns"

IT SEEMS THE HYSTERIA AGAINST TOY GUNS isn't the exclusive province of American edu-crats with nothing better to do. Rick from Germany sends word that school kiddies in Manchester, England, are turning in their squirt guns and pop guns in a "toy gun amnesty." If they don't have a toy gun to surrender, they can turn in a poem instead. This is -- you figure out how -- supposed to help end war.

Guess everyone's forgotten how their gunless grandparents had to beg the people of the U.S. to send real guns to them in a real war with a real enemy. Hmph. Maybe in the future we should let them stave off deadly attackers by writing poems at them.

Posted by Claire @ 03:52 PM CST

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