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02/03/2005 Archived Entry: ""Big Brother on Board""

"BIG BROTHER ON BOARD." My very first graphical article, adapted and illustrated by R.L. Crabb, is now online at Loompanics.com. The talented Mr. Crabb turned an immense, immoderate article (I think I went on for something like 7,000 words!) into a masterpiece of brevity and visual wit. In one or two places, his condensation blitzed the accuracy of a statement. But overall, it's a charmer.

Bill St. Clair nearly always finds my articles online before I do. He spotted two this morning, including "Dark, Satanic Cubicles: It's time to smash the job culture." I read the quotes Bill excerpted and said, "Did I write that?" Oh yeah, I guess I did.

Posted by Claire @ 07:59 AM CST

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